English I college Prep 2016-2017 Carter High School

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Course: ENGLISH I College Prep 2016-2017

Carter High School

Instructor: Pam Parker

Contacts: pam.parker@knoxschools.org

School Fusion


Course Description: A course for students who are functioning on grade level or above in language arts and reading. These students have demonstrated an average or above-average ability to perform on-grade-level language skills.
Hyperlink to state standards: http://www.state.tn.us/education/ci/english/doc/ENG_3001.pdf
Hyperlink to local curriculum:

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Skills covered:

  1. Reading – Elements of fiction, short stories, novels, drama, poetry, and epic

  2. Writing to learn – Academic journaling, grammar and usage, 6+1 writing strategies, and editing skills

  3. Vocabulary Development – Academic vocabulary, context skills, and dictionary/thesaurus skills

  4. Compositions – Timed writings, paragraphs and essays, modes of prose (narrative, descriptive, expositive, and persuasive)

  5. Speaking and Listening skills - Speeches

  6. Viewing and Representing skills – Internet research, validity of sources, and persuasive devices

  7. Logic – Inductive/deductive reasoning and logical fallacies

General Pacing:

Module 1: Fiction and Non-fiction 4 ½ weeks

Module 2: Novel and longer Non-fiction 4 ½ weeks

Module 3: Poetry and Drama/EOC Review 4 ½ weeks

Module 4: Epic and Mythology/EOC Review 4 ½ weeks
Supplies Needed:

Students are expected to bring the following items to class daily:

Three-ring binder (any color) #2 pencils

Notebook paper (wide-ruled) Blue or black ink pens

CHS Agenda (provided by school) White-out


Literature (Common Core edition) 2012

Elements of Literature, 2007 edition

Writing and Grammar Communication in Action

Language Network

(Textbooks and workbooks)


Movie Clips: The following list contains the selections from which we may choose to show at least a clip or the entire movie to enhance learning and to incorporate the Viewing and Representing portion of the End-of-Course exam. These are provided by the school library; my personal library; Holt, Rinehart, and Winston publishers; or Prentice Hall publishers.
To Kill a Mockingbird (NR)*, Romeo and Juliet (PG), Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry (PG), The Miracle Worker (PG), Dead Poets Society (PG), Patch Adams clip (PG-13), Treasure Island (PG),

Ellen Foster (PG), The Princess Diaries (PG), The Prince and Me (PG),

Titanic clip (PG-13), The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (NR), The Odyssey (PG-13)e Count of Monte Cristo (PG-13), Sister Act 2 (PG-13), Hercules (G), Dragnet, Shakespeare in Love clip, Akeelah and the Bee (PG), Most Dangerous Game (NR), The Lottery(NR), Shakespeare in the Classroom (PG-13), Shakespeare and His Theatre: The Globe, The Client (PG-13), Huck and Tom (PG), O Brother, Where Art Thou (PG-13), Remember the Titans (PG13), Shakespeare in American Communities, Freedom Writers (PG13), Words That Shook the World, Edgar Allen Poe (NR), “The Cask of Amontillado”, “The Necklace”, “The Gift of the Magi”, “Ransom of Red Chief”, “Thank You, M’am”, The Wizard of Oz (G), A Tale of Two Cities (cartoon), We Interrupt This Broadcast, Pay IT Forward (PG13), Night at the Museum (PG13), The Speckled Band (G), Where the Red Fern Grows, Part Two (G), “The Last Lecture”, The Andy Griffith Show (Romeo & Juliet),

Visual Connections: Videocassette Program (NR), Writer’s Solution video and CD, Listening to Music CD, Interest Grabbers video, and Humanities video

Ted Talks
*NR= Not rated
***Students are not required to read or watch selections they or their parents find offensive or objectionable. An alternate selection or assignment will be available upon written request from parents. Written notices will be sent home if additional videos will be shown.
Occasionally articles from school-approved data bases or newspapers will be used in class for current topics.
Expectations: Each unit will consist of daily lessons, quizzes, and homework followed by a test or culminating product (research paper, essay, speech, etc.). Completing the daily work prepares students for the unit test and needs to be completed before the assessment. All 9th graders complete an End-of-Course exam provided by the Tennessee Department of Education which counts for 25% of their Final Grade.
Grading policy/rubrics:

Grading scale for Knox County:

A 93-100

B 85-92

C 75-84

D 70-74

F 0-69

For projects, essays, presentations, and the research paper, I provide students with the rubric that they will be graded on when I introduce each assignment.

Assignments/Projects: Major assignments (worth more than 100 points) are given in advance with reminders of due dates. If students are absent on a project due date, they will turn in their project the day they return to school. If students are absent the day before a due date, they are still required to honor the original due date that has been posted.
Make-Up Work Policy/Late Work Policy: Students have five school days to bring in a missed assignment for full credit (with excused absence). After those five days, students will be able to turn the missed assignment in but for only 70% credit. After a 4 ½ week grading period is completed, then those assignments are no longer eligible for submission.
Re-do Policy: Students have the opportunity to re-do tests, projects, essays, and quizzes up until two weeks before the semester ends for 90% credit. The higher grade will be used. Before the assignment is redone, the student must complete remediation provided by the teacher.
Portal Post Policy: I will post grades at least once per week to keep parents informed of student progress.
Plagiarism Policy:

According to Harbrace Handbook, 15th edition:

                “Plagiarism is defined as presenting someone else’s ideas, research, or opinion as your own without proper documentation, even if it has been rephrased.  It includes, but is not limited to the following:

1.      Copying verbatim all or part of another’s written work;

2.      Using phrases, figures, or illustrations without citing the source;

3.      Paraphrasing ideas, conclusions, or research without citing the source;

4.      Using all or part of a literary plot, poem, or film without attributing the work to its creator.”

Consequences of Plagiarism
Plagiarism is a form of stealing and academic fraud.  Students who are found guilty of plagiarism will have the option of either redoing the assignment within a specified time period and accepting a grade letter drop or taking a zero on the assignment.  Parents should be involved in making the decision.
Religion Policy
The Board affirms that it is essential that the teaching about religion—and not of a religion be conducted in a factual, objective and respectful manner in accordance with the following:

  1. Music, art, literature, or drama with a religious theme or basis are permitted as part of the curriculum for school-sponsored activities and programs provided it is essential to the learning experience in the various fields of study and is presented objectively;

  1. The emphasis on religious themes in the arts, literature and history shall be only as extensive as necessary for a balanced and comprehensive study of these areas. Such studies shall never foster any particular religious tenets or demean any religious beliefs; and

  1. Student-initiated expressions to questions or assignments which reflect their beliefs or non-beliefs about a religious theme shall be accommodated. For example, students are free to express religious belief or non-belief in compositions, art forms, music, speech and debate.



Attendance Policy: Please refer to the student handbook.
Classroom Procedures:

  1. Carry AGENDA at all times. (This serves as a hall pass)

  2. Be prepared with school supplies.

  3. No food or drinks allowed in classrooms.

  4. No cell phones, ipods, MP3 players, etc. in use during class.



  1. Email me through Parent Portal

  2. Call school office at 933-3434 to leave a message

  3. Schedule a conference during my Planning Period from 2:00 – 3:30 pm or before 8:15 am or after 3:30 pm

Parent Portal: Please use this valuable resource to keep up with student progress and to communicate with me.
Intervention Strategies:

We have several opportunities to help our students who are struggling:

Enrichment tutoring: We meet with each class for 30 extra minutes each week for makeup/tutoring.

Before/after school tutoring: by appointment with classroom teacher or in library with other teachers after school.


I have read and understand Mrs. Parker’s English I syllabus. I agree to these terms.

Print name: __________________________________________
Signature: ____________________________________________
Date: _______________
Print Name(s): ________________________________________
Signature: ___________________________________________
Date: _________________
Parent/Guardian telephone numbers: ____________________________________
Email address: ______________________________________________________

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