Embassy of india abu dhabi press release the 3rd International Day of Yoga 2017 in Abu Dhabi

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The 3rd International Day of Yoga 2017 in Abu Dhabi
The 3rd International Day of Yoga will be celebrated at the prestigious Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) on 20th June, 2017. Several thousand participants including school and university students, diplomats, ladies, and people of all age group and nationalities are expected to participate. 


2.      His Highness Sheikh Nahayan bin Mabarak Al Nahayan, UAE Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development and Her Excellency Sheikha Lubna Bint Khalid Al Qasimi, UAE Minister of State for Tolerance have conveyed their acceptance to grace the occasion.


3.       Participants are expected to start arriving from 8.30 pm so that the yoga awareness section of the event can begin at 9:00 PM. Various Yoga associations would perform different styles of Yogasanas including Laughter Yoga. Keeping the Holy month of Ramdan in mind, the main Yoga session will start at 10:30 PM and is expected to conclude by 11:15 PM. It is a very special event where authentic Yogasanas can be practiced and learnt. An area on the first floor has been reserved for ladies in Abayas and others who wish to do Yogasanas separately with a lady instructor.


4.       In preparation of the event, the Embassy of India has organized a Yoga quiz contest on its Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/IndiaInUAE/. The Embassy has also organized 3-Generations simultaneously performing Yogasanas Photo/Selfie Competition. To highlight the awareness about health benefits of Yoga, an essay competition on the theme of Yoga’s role in Antenatal, Depression and Cancer. These competitions have received enthusiastic response and will continue up to 21 June 2017. Winners would announce shortly thereafter. 


5.        Sheikh Zayed University Abu Dhabi and its faculty and students have supported the International Day of Yoga in a big way by organising Arabic Calligraphy for the Yoga Icon, designing Sanskrit Slokas banner and creating amazing Yoga artwork. 


6.       Several sponsors have come together and arranged hiring of the venue, free parking, free entry, free Yoga shirts and free Yoga mats on first come first serve basis to the participants. The Ambassador of India in a video invite (https://goo.gl/9ZqNyJ) has invited everyone to spread the message of Yoga and participate in large numbers. 



18 June 2017

Yoga Photographs are available and freely downloadable from Embassy’s flickr handle. (Link) https://www.flickr.com/photos/indembassyabudhabi/ NOTE: Please give location courtesy to ‘Ritz Carlton’.
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