Edward II, 1307-1314 7 th July 1307-Edward I dies at Burgh-on-Sands, Edward ii’s accession

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Edward II, 1307-1314

  • 7th July 1307-Edward I dies at Burgh-on-Sands, Edward II’s accession.

  • Edward II stays in the north until September, makes Gaveston Earl of Cornwall.

  • Nov 07-Feb 08- Gaveston takes central stage in running England nobles unhappy.

  • April 1308- parliamentary opposition to Gaveston-banished to Ireland.

  • July 1308-brought back by Edward II.

  • March 1310-Edward has to agree to Ordainers’ reforms of household and government.

  • Sept 1310-campaign in Scotland with Gaveston until July 1311.

  • Aug 1311- ordainers’ parliament at Northampton; Scots attack Northumberland.

  • Nov 1311-second ordainers’ Parliament; civil war erupts May 1312.

  • Scots capture a number of castles at this time; Linlithgow, Dundee, Perth and Dumfries.

  • June 1312-Edward II arrested and Gaveston executed; Scots attack Northumberland and the bishopric of Durham. Also attempt to take Berwick.

  • Nov 1312-Edward II’s first son born

  • June 1313-Edward Bruce gives the English garrison of Stirling one year deadline to submit unless relieved by an English army

  • October 1313- Bruce parliament declares one year deadline for Scots opponents to submit.

  • 1313-death of John Balliol?

  • Nov 1313- Edward II promises to relieve Stirling.

  • Feb/March 1314-Scots take Roxburgh and Edinburgh Castle.

  • 23/24 June 1314-battle of Bannockburn.

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Reading for the next period/week/essay
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