Education california Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo Bachelor of Arts: History

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Margaret Worthington

415 North Chorro, Condo # 7

(408) 674-9294

San Luis Obispo, CA 93405

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Bachelor of Arts: History, Expected March 2009

Minor: French Minor: Geography/Anthropology

Upper Division GPA: 3.4, Major GPA: 3.58, Overall GPA: 3.25
University of Paris 7, Jussieu (Denis Diderot)

Study Abroad, Paris, France California State University International Programs, September 2006-August 2007
AIESEC, Cal Poly State University Chapter Annually, 2007-2009

Exchange Coordination

  • Coordinated the exchange of Cal Poly students to internships abroad.

  • Organized the paperwork and visas for students and companies.

  • Served as communication link between students, international businesses and Aiesesc international leaders.

Cultural Preparation

  • Collaborated with Aiesec team members to develop cultural transition workshops in preparation of working abroad.

  • Prepared presentations on cultural, non-verbal norms by country in order to prepare international interns.

Fair Trade Club 2009

Vice President

  • Maintained communication with other fair trade clubs on California university campuses.

  • Conducted research on current national fair trade issues and presented information at club meetings.


U.S. State Department, Office of the Historian, Washington, DC September-December 2007


  • Transcribed President Nixon’s Oval Office Tapes and reviewed others’ transcriptions for accuracy

  • Retrieved primary documents and researched American Cold War diplomatic history at the National Archives in College Park, Maryland

High School History, Miramonte High School, Orinda, CA September 2004-June 2005

Essay Reader

  • Graded essays on European and American history for two Advanced Placement classes consisting of about ninety students

Nixon In Cambodia

  • Comparative analysis of historical research, original argument assessing the direction of scholarly study

Pride of Angkor

  • Theoretical analysis of primary sources to assess colonial governmental policies concerning protection

United States Media in the Pot

  • 29 page, interdisciplinary research, use of primary sources to analyze public responses to media coverage

Britain’s Backlash: The Opium Wars and Their Affect on Present Day Western and Eastern Relations

Early Christians and the Myth of Saint Patrick

  • Diagnostic examination of primary texts (government and church records) to analyze the spread of culture

Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Intranet, Mac, Jstor, Project Muse, Historical Abstract, 50 WPM

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