Eastern Cultures Final Exam Review

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Eastern Cultures Final Exam Review:

Multiple Choice Section: 100 questions, 20 from each Unit. 5 Units. Topics to be knowledgeable about…

South Africa has a lot of…

African countries and independence


Other name for the Niger River


General climate in Africa


Why is French spoken in the Sahel?

1994 South African election

“urbanization” in Africa

Population distribution in Africa

War in Africa today…

The Sahel

Subsistence Farming

Mountains in Africa

Motives for European colonization

Cash Crops

European colonial rule in Africa

Location of Kalahari Desert


Pakistan’s main religion

Tallest mountain the world

What Hindu’s believe is sacred

Non-violent resistance

South Asia’s earliest civilization

South Asian employment

Disputed area in South Asia

Gangetic Plain

Role of Himalayan Mountains

Pakistan and Bangladesh conflict

India’s main religion


Siddhartha Gautama

General physical geography of South Asia

Sepoy Rebellion

Religions started in South Asia…

A “subcontinent”

Massacre at Amritsar

Population distribution in East Asia

Economies of East Asia

East Asia’s tectonic plates

Unique about Mongolia?

Where East Asians live

Yin and Yang symbolize…



“One-Child Policy”

Opium Wars and the consequences

Samurai and shogun

U.S. role in Korean War

Historical changes in the Chinese Govt.

Japan’s empire in the 1940’s

The first ruler of Communist China

Early interactions between U.S. and Japan

The “Han”

Japanese ethnicities

Ring of Fire

Colonization in Southeast Asia

Mekong River

Government in Vietnam

OPEC and Southeast Asia


General geography of SE Asia

Southeast Asian “City-State”

Who controlled Philippines in 1898?

Cultural influences on Vietnam

Khmer Rouge

Causes of Vietnam War

Buffer state in SE Asian history

Muslim population in SE Asia

Colonizer of “Indochina Peninsula”

Flora and fauna

East Timor and Independence

Indigenous species

Mainland and Island country?

Srivijaya Empire

Recent “coup” in a SE Asian country…


Australian climates


Aboriginal Culture

First European settlers in Australia


Threat to Australian flora and fauna

Freshwater in Australia



New Zealand climate

Australia’s mineral resources

Mountains affect on rainfall

3 major indigenous groups of Oceania

South Pacific Region Independence

Variety of languages in South Pacific Region

Dominant economic activity in area

European affect on Aborigines

Most islanders live…

Essay Section: These are the general topics of the questions. You will have to answer 1 out of the first 5 options. There will be a second essay question you have to answer as well. My expectation will be that these essays will be a solid 2-4 paragraphs each, depending upon the question that you choose. The 2nd essay question is a mystery.

  • South Asia major religions and their impact on both the history and the current day culture of the region.

  • Is/Will China be a world superpower? What are some of the issues in China’s past, as well as current day issues, that affect China’s ability to develop into a world power?

  • How has conflict impacted the development of nations and their cultures in Southeast Asia? Be able to discuss different types of conflict that have affected the region.

  • What impact has the physical geography and environment had on the development of life and culture in Australia, New Zealand, Oceania, and Antarctica?

  • Africa South of the Sahara: Discuss the diversity that can be found in all aspects of life in this region of the world.

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