Chrysalids Chapters 1-6

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Chrysalids Chapters 1-6

1. Compare and Contrast the Strorm family and household with the Wender family and household.

2. Explain the quote “. . . I pieced together a portrait that was more credible , if less creditable.”
3. Explain the following terms , according the beliefs of David’s community:




4. Identify the following:





5. David’s father, Joseph seemed to be at odds with several people. Describe his relationship with the following:

Half-Uncle Angus

Uncle Axel

The inspector

“The Spidery Man”

6. Explain the significance of the Daker’s cat in relation to how the father reacts to the “Large Horses”.
Chapters 6-9
  1. Uncle Axel is used in this chapter as a mouthpiece for the author's own commentary on the beliefs and behaviour of the people of Waknuk. What is the most important part of his account? What is the author satirizing? What is the major sin committed by the people of Waknuk according to uncle Axel?

  2. In Chapter 6,Uncle Axel says: "If you make north and keep along the coast, and still keep along when it turns west and then south, you reach the other side of Labrador." Where would you be according to a present-day map?

    Later he says: "After that you bear south-east awhile and then south, and pick up the mainland coast again to starboard." Where would you be according to a present-day map?

    Later, he says: "Soon you're following round a big bay, and you get where there are no gaps: it's all Badlands." What is the name of the big bay today? Where are the "Badlands" situated according to a present- day map?

  3. What truth did the explorer Marther discover? What was the result when he published his findings? Explain why that happened.

  4. Explain why it is "ironic" that David's telepathic associates find it difficult to agree with his acceptance of Sophie.

  5. Chapter 7 provides the ultimate comment on the society in which David lives.
    a. What happens in the Strorm household when a baby is born?
    b. What would have happened if the inspector had not issued a certificate?
    c. It is Harriet's parting statement that reveals what this world really is. What    does she say?

  6. Explain uncle Axel's metaphor of the "rusted mirror".

  7. Petra's membership to the group adds several new dimension to the story. Which two are mentioned in this chapter?

  8. Explain Michael's statement that the stupidest "norm" is happier than the members of the group are. How does it show him becoming the leader of the group?

  9. The author uses in this chapter again a device of style called juxtaposition, contrasting two incidents in such a way that make each other seem worse simply because they occur together. In the previous chapter, the joy of Petra's birth offered strong contrast to the sorrow of Harriet and her baby. What is the "juxtaposition" in this chapter?

Chapters 10-12.

General Questions

1. Uncle Axel is used as a mouthpiece for the author’s own commentary on the beliefs and behaviors or the people of Waknuk. He also acts as a bridge between David and “the others” and the “norms”. Which of these roles is more significant in the telling of this story? Do you feel this is an effective and/or necessary character? What messages does he have for David (and the reader)? Give examples. Is this an effective and /or necessary means of communicating these ideas?

2. A) When it was written in the 1950’s , The Chrysalids was a story set in the future. Wyndham incorporated warnings for society today. In a well-developed, five paragraph essay, using specific examples from the novel, develop three warnings that Wyndhan includes.

B) “It is easier for a person to point out another person’s faults that nto see his or her own.”

In a well-developed , formal , five paragraph essay, show how Wyndham proves this statement to be true.
3. Humans by nature are reluctant to change, and we often seek comfort and security as a culture in the traditions and structure with which we are familiar, yet, a society that does not change is doomed to destroy itself. Use evidence from The Chrysalids and from your own experience and observations to express your views on these statements.
4. This is a well-crafted novel with many interesting plot turns and conflicts which the main character must navigate, thus engaging the reader from start to finish. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Explain.

5. Why was this novel titled The Chrysalids? Do you feel it was a good title? ( If not , what would you call it?)


Chapter 1

1. Tribulation (p5)

2. Dungarees (p7)

3. Runnel (p7)

4. Compressed (p8)

5. Beset (p9)

6. Conventions(p9)

7. Precepts( p 10)

8. Rote (p 11)

9. Disproportionate (p 13)

10. Blasphemy (p.13)
Chapter 2

1. Wattle (15)

2. Creditable (16)

3. Rectitude (16)

4.Evengelical (16)

5. Timorously (16)

6. Wraith (16)

7. Temporal (17)

8. Thatch (18)

9. Deviation (18)

10. Liquidate (19)

11. Mutant (23)
Chapter 3

1. Omission (p. 27)

2. Abated (p. 27)
Chapter 4

1. Placid (p.29)

2. Spinney (30)

3. Crystallized (31)

4. Beckoned (34)

5. Commendation (36)

6. Demise (37)

7. Sanction (37)

8. Bigots (38)

9. Oblivion (39)

10. Precipices (40)

11. abyss(40)

12. Ecclesiastical (40)

13. Precedent(40)
Chapter 5

Chapter 6

14. consolation

15. decreed

16. abetting

17. saprophytes

18. succulents

Chapter 7

19. fruition

20. Sodom and Gomorrah

21. lewd

22. travesties

23. omnipotent

24. culminated

25. gist

Chapter 8.

Chapter 9


27.  scythe

28.  stooking (may not find. Try to figure out meaning from context)

29.  echelon

Chapter 10

30. lugubriously

31. expiated

32. abnegations

33.  emphatically

Chapter 11

34. propitious

35.  abeyance

36. amorphous

37. ( to) forge

38.  haunch

39.  lament

40. deposition

41. overt

42. orthodoxy

43.  tribunal

Chapter 12

44. spoor

45.  hobble( the horse)

46.  tinder-box

47.  pannier baskets

48.  fortissimo
Chapter 13


50.  aberrateously

51.  miscegenate

52.  homogeneal

53. consensus

Chapter 14

54. tableau

55.  applique

56.  treacle

Chapter 15


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