Chapter 33 The Great Depression and the New Deal name: What experiences did fdr bring with him to the Presidency?

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Chapter 33 – The Great Depression and the New Deal NAME:

  1. What experiences did FDR bring with him to the Presidency?

2. What conditions existed between FDR and Hoover and what were the effects of the lame duck presidency?

3. What are Roosevelt’s Three R’s and how did the Hundred Day’s Congress react to them?

4. How did the Emergency Banking Relief Act assist the recovery movement? What is the significance of the Glass-Steagall Banking Reform

5. How did the following people oppose FDR’s reforms:
Father Charles Coughlin Senator Huey Long Dr. Francis E. Townsend

6. Why was the AAA so controversial during the Depression?

7. What are the Dust Bowls and how did they affect the people of the plains?

8. What was the purpose of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Truth in Securities Act?

9. What was the purpose of the Social Security Act and how was it received?

10. Who was John Lewis and the CIO?

11. Several New Deal platforms were found unconstitutional. How did Roosevelt plan to deal with the issue of Supreme Court approval for future reforms? (court packing plan – explain)

12. Although it failed, how did the court packing incident help the President?

13. What was the overall effect of the New Deal?

Be able to identify Roosevelt’s Alphabet Reforms!!!!!!!

Know the following Acts or Reforms!!!!!

Beer Act Resettlement Act

Gold Reserve Act Wagner Act

Indian Reorganization Act Soil Conservation Act

Frazier – Lemke Act Fair Labor Standards

Essay due Feb 6th.

Free Form Essay : Should be five paragraphs!!!! Follow the rules for writing historically.
The New Deal was Roosevelt’s effort to stimulate the failing nation’s financial plight, but historians are torn over the decision of how effective FDR legislative measures were to solving the Depression. Argue the effectiveness of or the negative impact of New Deal legislation in saving America from ruin.
Thesis Statement: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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