Cake Replacing Other Fuels

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Cake Replacing Other Fuels


Deforestation is done in the name of firewood whose rate is less than other reasons for deforestation but is degrading environment in some ways. In rural areas of Nepal, people either use dead and dry trees for source of heat or cut down a tree, make it dry and use it for same reason. This causes decrease in number of trees and increase in pollutants which has adverse effect in the environment and ultimately the users. Those people also have cattle in their home but they fail to use their dung properly as they have limited areas for farming. That dung is stored in manure pit but is hardly used. In a sample village, I could change the way they use manure and decrease the rate of deforestation too.


I can teach some tips and tricks about making animal dung cake which could replace firewood. Animal dung cake is simply dried animal dung which could be used as source of heat. People in village already know about this thing but hesitate to use by showing its disadvantages. Those disadvantages could be converted into advantages but they like modern way of using firewood and fossil fuel instead. In short, this will promote environmental condition.


The fuels producing more smoke like fire wood would be used less if animal dung is used more. These solid cakes produce less smoke in the kitchen so the cook will be more comfortable. Less use of firewood decreases rate of deforestation which will lead to forest conservation. This will ultimately make environment healthier.


Users will get some economic benefits too. For an example, two people in a village, both have two cows. One has more land for farming and other has no land for farming. The first one uses all the manure in the field and has no time and manure for making animal dung cake. The second one has more time and more manure so he uses it all to make cow dung cake. He sells same cake to the first one for his bread and butter. Not only this, people could make this a business. In online market it cost about $10 for 200gm of pure cow dung cake where as people sell 10 kg of cow dung, pure one only for $1 here in Nepal. This will make such people rich within seconds. People sell this stuff in Amazon and eBay which are leading online market in world. Not only has this, using animal dung cake compelled people to plant suitable trees so that their fodder could be fed to cattle.

I will go to a village having 155 families and select one member each from 5 unique sample families. I will train them to make a rigid Matrix box for easy preparation of cow dung cake and Note them down the ingredients and recipe for making animal dung cake. I will demonstrate them how to make and how to mix up all the ingredients to prepare good smelling dung-cake. I will also tell them the importance of cow dung cake. I will tell them to teach 5 more people from different families the other day and let the process continue. Within 3rd day at least a member from all families of that village will know about my Idea. (That is 5 + 25 + 125 = 155.) Also I will tell them to plant a tree every month.


An average family from rural areas of Nepal cut 1 average small tree per month for using them as source of heat. If people in that village totally start using animal dung instead of firewood they will be saving 155 average small trees per month and planting 155 trees per month. In one year they will be conserving 1860 trees and had planted 1860 more trees too. I will make a monthly video on this project and share them with my friends in different social media. People from another village might be interested in such program and start participating in the program. In next year I will visit a bit bigger village and share my idea. If this idea works then I will be watching a Revolution called 'Cake Replacing Other Fuels'.

Rohan Raj Poudel

698 words/ 17 years

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