C. This is a multi-paragraph essay d. You must include multiple quotations and specific references from

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Night Essay Prompts

a. Answer both essay prompts as we approach the end of the book.

b. 12 point font. Times New Roman. Double-spaced. 2-3 pages in length.

c. This is a multi-paragraph essay.

d. You must include multiple quotations and specific references from Night for each body paragraph.

e. You must follow the conventions of an analytical paragraph for each body paragraph. See the rubric for more information.

1. Describe and analyze Elie Wiesel's changing view of God throughout the memoir and how it affected his identity. Explain THREE specific examples of this transformation from Elie’s experience beginning in Sighet to his liberation at Buchenwald.


2. Dehumanization is the process by which the Nazis gradually reduced the Jews to little more than "things" which were a nuisance to them. Explain at least THREE specific examples of events which dehumanized Eliezer, his father, or his fellow Jews. Then, analyze how each event changed Elie’s attitude, outlook, and identity.


3. The decisions people make often have a significant impact on their lives. Think of the decisions Elie Wiesel was forced to make in Night. Discuss at least THREE decisions Elie made and analyze how those decisions positively or negatively impacted his life and affected his identity and innocence.

Brainstorm: Use the space provided to write out examples to answer your question. Try to find more than three examples! You can narrow down your ideas to the best possible examples later!

  1. On page__________:

  1. On page__________:

  1. On page__________:

  1. On page__________:

Wiesel’s Identity

On each line write one thing that influenced Elie Wiesel’s identity. In the space at the end of the line, write how it influenced his identity.

  • People

  • Places

  • Rituals

  • Experiences

  • Encounters

  • Decisions

  • Reactions

  • Relationships

  • Emotions

  • Behavior
Think about:
Directory: cms -> lib -> PA01916442 -> Centricity -> Domain -> 1574
Domain -> Ms. Wiley’s apush survival Guide
Domain -> Idea—what you have to say. Something original? Startling? Insightful? Surprising? Expression
Domain -> [Schmidt, holds a Ph. D. from Vanderbilt University and specializes in literature and drama. In this essay, he examines Wilde's play in the context of Victorian concepts of “earnestness.”]
Domain -> Elements of Nonfiction What is nonfiction?
1574 -> Name/Period: comparison-contrast essay rubric
Domain -> Early Cold War Advanced Document-Based-Question Essay Name: Advanced 9 th
Domain -> On the national exam, you will write one Document-Based Question (dbq) in 60 minutes; your essay will contribute to 25% of your overall score
Domain -> The Problem With Power Source List
Domain -> High School and Middle School a cappella: Ian Sanchez and Joseph Stellino Who

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