C paper will include a work-cited entry for each film. An A

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Evaluation Essay Intro
Evaluation is a key critical thinking skill that you will use frequently in the workplace. It involves much more than a quick judgment about a person, place, object or service. The judgment must be based on carefully analyzed standards or criteria.
With this in mind, develop a three or four-page essay that evaluates and compares the two films viewed in class based on criteria or standards for a quality film. What are the standards for a good film? An engaging plot? Believable characters? A conflict to which most viewers can relate?
This paper should have a thesis sentence at the end of the first paragraph that makes a judgment or a claim about the film. Here are two possible templates:
Although ______(film title)________ has remarkable special effects and a star-studded cast, it doesn’t measure up to _______(film title)________ which leaves us with a clear understanding that ____________________________.
With its ________________, ________________, and attention to ________________, ____(film title)_____ is the superior film.
The remaining paragraphs should clearly address the expectations a quality film of this genre should meet and explain how each film meets up to or falls short of these expectations. As always, provide plenty of specific evidence to support the judgment you have made. At least one paragraph should present some insight about the impact or significance the superior film, show, or site might have for our culture. A C paper will include a work-cited entry for each film. An A or a B paper will provide supporting evidence from multiple reviews or other sources.

  • Develop a meaningful title.

  • Use correct MLA formatting

  • Include a bit of history about the films. For instance, who directed the movie and when was its release date? Who narrates the film and who is featured in it? When was the film released etc.

  • Does the first or second paragraph explain who, what, when, where, and why? For instance, if it is an evaluation of films, does the essay state when the films were released, what company produced them, who the directors were, and what the public reaction to it appeared to be?

  • Is there a paragraph that summarizes the subject—the plot of the film?

  • Create a thesis that clearly makes a judgment about the value of the subject.

  • Are the criteria or expectations used to “measure” the subject easy to grasp? There should be two or three criteria, although your paper should not make obvious statements like, “My first criterion I used was an engaging plot...” The readers needs to know what the writer was looking for when he or she made the judgment.

  • Are there, at the least, work cited entries for the films or the website that was evaluated? Consult page 521 of your textbook for citing a film.


  • Use second person anywhere in this essay

  • Include obvious announcements like, “In this paper I will” or “This paper is about”

Reasons students fail this assignment:

  • They fail to identify the specific expectations they have for excellence: an engaging plot, believable characters, a story line that is relevant to its audience, for instance.

  • The majority of the paper just retells the film’s story The paper doesn’t explain why a particular feature or element of the show or site is or fails to be effective or meaningful.

Evaluation Essay Rubric


Excellent (5)

Satisfactory (4)

Marginal (2)

Unsatisfactory (1)

Subject, Audience, and Purpose


The essay’s subject is significant and manageable; the writer remains focused on the essay’s purpose, as expressed in a thesis statement and directs the paper to an appropriate audience.

The essay’s subject is significant, and much of the paper demonstrates the writer’s ability to manage a subject which focuses on a thesis statement directed to an appropriate audience.

Although the essay’s subject is significant and articulated in a thesis statement, some passages reflect the writer’s struggle with focus.

Although the essay attempts to address a subject, the purpose nor the audience is clear.

Elements of Reasoning


The essay considers the elements of good reasoning as it poses an appropriate question or problem, identifies any key concepts, uses evidence or examples, examines various points of view, questions assumptions, draws conclusions, and analyzes the possible consequences or implications of those conclusions.

The essay poses a question or problem and arrives at appropriate conclusions through the accurate analysis of assumptions and/or points of view; however, it overlooks a key concept or lacks ample evidence to effectively support its conclusion.

The essay poses a question and arrives at conclusions through analysis that’s not always sound; or, it overlooks key concepts or lacks adequate evidence to support its conclusion.

In its attempt to address a question or a problem, the essay reflects flawed reasoning and/or fails to provide evidence to support its conclusion.

Organization and Development


The essay is carefully and strategically structured. Body paragraphs effectively develop and support the thesis. Transitions and hooks meld the essay together. Smooth flow exists between ideas.

The essay is strategically structured. Body paragraphs develop and support the thesis, for the most part. One or two passages need more development of the central idea and/or stronger transitions to move the reader from one point to the next.

The essay contains an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion, but some paragraphs lack effective topic sentences or the development necessary to communicate the thesis. Some passages lack effective transitions.

The essay lacks a sense of organization and/or paragraph development to communicate a message to the reader.

Evaluation Process


The essay demonstrates the student's mastery of the evaluation process, clearly communicating a judgment and the criteria used to arrive at that judgment. In addition, the student utilizes specific examples and supporting evidence to explain how the subject meets up to or falls short of the ideal expressed by the criteria.

Although the thesis or the process may reflect a lack of clarity in some passages, the student demonstrates an understanding of the evaluation process.

Although passages of the essay struggle with the evaluation process or stray from the required framework, the student seems to understand the process.

The student merely summarizes information; the essay has no evidence of evaluation.

Integration and Documentation of Sources


Sources are effectively and smoothly integrated into the essay, with accurate signal phrases, accurate summary/paraphrases/quotations, and in-text citation consistent to the established style (e.g., MLA or APA). End-text documentation (e.g., list of works cited, references, or bibliography) adheres to conventions.

Most sources are effectively integrated into the essay, with signal phrases, summary, paraphrases, quotations, and in-text citation consistent to the established style (e.g., MLA or APA). End-text documentation (e.g., list of works cited, references, or bibliography) adheres to conventions with minimal errors.

Although there are errors in the documentation process, the student integrates summary, paraphrases and in-text citation consistent with an established style (e.g. MLA or APA). End text documentation is present, but contains errors.

If it exists, the student’s attempt to document sources reflects a failure to understand the process of summary, paraphrases, or in-text citation or the structure of end-text documentation.

Sentence Structure, Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics


Not only is the essay relatively free of errors in grammar, usage, and mechanics, but it demonstrates an understanding of the language including appropriate and precise diction and syntax variety.

The essay is relatively free of errors in grammar, usage and mechanics, and usually demonstrates an understanding of the language including appropriate and precise diction and syntax.

Grammar, usage, and mechanical errors exist, but do not distract so significantly that the essay’s meaning isn’t communicated. The writer doesn’t always use the most effective word or sentence construction.

The essay contains numerous errors that distract from its overall meaning.

Total: _____ / 75

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