Boy Roald Dahl St. Peter’s and Repton and Shell Study Guide

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Roald Dahl

St. Peter’s and Repton and Shell

Study Guide


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  1. What was the term for the small pinewood boxes where all the boys at Dahl's school kept their personal belongings?

  1. What type of animal did Arkle keep in his box?

  1. Dahl received something from his mother after she died that she had kept for years. What were they?

  1. What was the term for the woman in charge of the dormitories when he was at school?

  1. What did Wragg spread all over the hallway floor in the dorms?

  1. What did the Headmaster take from all the boys as punishment?

  1. When Dahl slept at school, he always positioned himself a certain way. Describe how.

  1. At school Dahl knew a boy named Tweedie who snored. Describe how the Matron attempted to keep him from snoring.

  1. According to Dahl's nanny, what makes a person's appendix go bad or become inflamed?

  1. Who found out Roald was faking his appendicitis?

  1. Who was driving the car when Dahl was in an accident?

  1. Describe Dahl’s injury after the accident in the motor-car?

  1. What did Dahl's mother give him as a reward for being so brave after his operation?

  1. What was Hardcastle's rank in the military? What color was his hair?

  1. Why did Braithewaite have difficulty explaining his situation during Prep to Hardcastle?

  1. Why did young Dahl accidently break during Prep? What is this?

  1. What did Hardcastle accuse Dahl of doing during Prep?

  1. Who was the other student who was involved in Dahl's infraction?

  1. At Dahl's school, the system of rewards and punishments is known as what?

  1. Dahl was writing an essay during Prep. What was the title/subject of the essay?

  1. Who caned Dahl for what happened at Prep? How many strokes did Dahl receive?

  1. What was the name of the boy who offered to write his father on Dahl's behalf? Why did he offer to do this? What country was the boy’s father in at the time?

  1. The boy with the boil on his thigh was named? Which adult helped deal with the student with the boil?

  1. What war did Dahl fight in? What branch of the military did Dahl serve in?

  1. While Dahl was working, he learned what is was like to have to shake what out of his boots?

  1. What continent did Dahl go to immediately after school for his job?

  1. What was Dahl's term for a "Prefect" or a boy put in charge of other students?

  1. Which chocolate company sent samples to Dahl's school?

  1. Dahl put the droppings of what animal into the smoking apparatus of his sister’s boyfriend?

  1. The company that hired Dahl after school wanted to send him to what country?

  1. Which of the adults at Repton went on to a career in religion and eventually became Archbishop? Why did this concern Dahl?

  1. Dahl's sister had a boyfriend she wanted to marry. What did he smoke?

  1. What was the name of the company that hired Dahl when he finished school?

  1. Dahl did not want to go to the country the company wanted to assign him to. Why not?

  1. By what method of transportation did Dahl travel from Repton to Kent after he finished school?

  1. What does Dahl say is a writer’s only compensation?

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