Apa format (apa = American Psychological Association) notes

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APA Format

(APA = American Psychological Association)


  1. With any format, you skip any information asked for that is missing for the article / image used

  2. With any format, you only list a piece of information once –

Example: Website name = CNN.com and Sponsor = CNN.com, you only complete
the website name

In Text Citations – (Text or Image)
Have Author, no reference to the article in the sentence itself:
The economy will decline for 6 months before turning around (Smith, 2002).
No Date: (Smith, n.d.)
No Author: (“The US Economy…,” 2002).
Citing within the sentence:
In the article entitled “The US Economy” Smith stated that the economy…(2002).
More than one article by the same author: (Smith “The US Economy,” 2002)
More than one author: Last name of first author listed (Smith, 2002)
Bibliography or Works Cited – (Text or Image)
If downloading from www.easybib.com, remember to paste using the formatting button, on a blank page at the end of your document.
Entries are in alphabetical order by the author’s last name, or article title in the case of no author
Each entry is a paragraph with a hanging indent; if not using easybib format within Microsoft Word following the path of:
Format / Paragraph / Indentation / Special / Hanging
Sample Entry:


Smith, Frank. (2007, Oct. 29). “The U. S. Economy.” Nation Alert. 23(12), p 4. eLibrary. Proquest. Retrieved 20 Oct. 2013 from .

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