Ap world History Exam Study Sessions

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AP World History Exam Study Sessions

Dear AP World History Students,

The Advanced Placement World History exam will be given on Thursday, May 12th. To prepare for this challenging test, I am offering study sessions to all AP World History students. While these sessions are optional, it is expected that ANY student who signs up for the exam attend as many as possible. Not attending the sessions will most likely result in a lower test score!

Sessions will be interactive with the opportunity to ask questions and review valuable material. Students may bring iPad, laptop and other academic resources to each session. There will be one session for every topic listed below. The sessions will be offered after school from 2:40-3:40 in room 40.

Study materials, which will supplement but not replace the study sessions or practice test, are available from me. I also have flashcards, practice tests, and study books, etc. The course description with what to know and sample questions can be found


The practice test will be held from 9-12 on Saturday, April 23. It is critical that students attend and take the session seriously. Understanding the exam process is very helpful. Students will take an actual released exam, write practice essays, and receive information on how the exam is scored. Bring a pencil, a pen, and notebook paper to the practice test.

I want you to know that I will help you every step of the way, and I hope that you will review with me, as well as study on your own.



Monday, February 22

Ancient Civilizations & Classical Empires

Monday, February 29

Early Trade Networks (Silk Roads & Indian Ocean)

Monday, March 7

Human Migration Prior to 1492

Monday, March 14

Spread of World Belief Systems


Monday, March 28

Making Sense of the Post-Classical Era

Monday, April 4

The Global Economy (1492-Present)

Monday, April 11

Rise & Fall of European Empires (1492-Present)

Friday, April 15

Modern Human Migrations (1492-Present)

Monday, April 18

Modern Revolutions

Friday, April 22

Modern Latin America

Saturday, April 23 @ 9:00 AM


Monday, April 25

Africa in World History

Friday, April 29

Science & Technology in World History

Monday, May 2

Women in World History

Monday, May 9

Testing Techniques

Thursday, May 12 AM


Download 10.96 Kb.

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