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Due: Monday, September 19th, 2011
I am so happy I have got to learn so much about each one of you. I hope you have enjoyed learning about your classmates as well. This project will help us to become even more informed about one another. You will be creating an All About Me poster. I will give each student the poster board for their work. It may be in the form of a time line or collage. This will be one of the first grades you receive in 4th grade and your personal best is expected. Take your time and have fun with it!
Your poster must have the following:

  • Your name (Make it clear who’s poster it is)

  • 8 or more pictures on your poster

  • Written descriptions for each picture (complete sentences)

  • Write a 2 paragraph essay (5-8 sentences for each paragraph) – A description about you, your family, and anything else you want to share with the Disney Community.

You may include:

Please remember that these will be hung up for others to see so be careful what you choose to hang. I would hate to see something with sentimental value get lost or taken.
You will be graded on four categories:
Neatness/ Creativity 10 points

Spelling 5 points

Completed Essay 15 points

Poster with Picture Descriptions 20 points

Total Score Possible 50 points

PARENTS! This would be a wonderful project to work on together! If possible, please help them with any spelling or confusion they might have. Thanks and good luck!
Educationally Yours,
Mr. Fallucca and Mrs. Argiri-Slone

4th Grade Teachers

Walt Disney Elementary
Download 8.71 Kb.

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