Aiaa los Angeles/Las Vegas Executive Council Minutes, 13 August, 2013

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AIAA Los Angeles/Las Vegas Executive Council Minutes, 13 August, 2013


Chairman, Chuck Kilmer

Treasurers Marsha Weiskopf

Secretary, Dale Jensen

Enterprise Chapter, Dennis Wonica, Guido Frassinelli

NSS/AIAA Partnership, Seth Potter

Events & Dinners, Christianna Taylor

Communications, Lisa Kaspin

Las Vegas Liaison, Marty Feldman

Honors & Awards, Jim Vlasek,

Technical, Kayin Cannon, Prakash Sarathy

Membership Sy Ferdman, Nicola Sarzi-Amade’

Honors & Awards Rob White

Education Bob Friend, Christian Calugarita

Anthony Shao?


1730-1735 Call to Order

1735-1740 Review of Minutes
1740-1745 Financial report (Marsha)
1745-1850 Reinventing Space Conference (Rich)
1750-1755 Events (Christianna)

1755-1800 STEM (Rob)

1800-1805 YP Report (Eric)
1805-1810 Membership (Sy, Nicola)

1810-1815 Enterprise Group report ( Dennis, Guido)

1815-1820 Communications (Lisa)

1820-1825 NSF/AIAA Liaison, (Seth)

1825-1830 Education

1830-1835 Honors & Awards

1835-1840 Technical
1900 Adjourn
Meeting called to order at approximately 5:33 p.m.
Approval of Minutes

  • In the absence of the Secretary (who was attending the Joint Propulsion Conference), Chuck graciously prepared the minutes, & forwarded them to the Secretary. Unfortunately, the Secretary, for technical reasons was unable to access them. Chuck showed them on the screen, & the Secretary made a motion for the minutes to be accepted, with previous corrections made by Nicola . The motion was seconded & unanimously approved.

Motions & Action Items

    • None

Chairmans’ Report, Chuck

  • Chuck reported he expects to attend the Regional Leadership Conference Thursday & Friday..

Responsive Space Conference, Rich

  • Rich said the conference was now scheduled for 14-17 October at the Westin hotel.

  • General Powlikowski, commander of the Air Force Space & Missilles Command & Wanda Austin, Chief Executive of the Aerospace Corporation have agreed ro be speakers at the conference. David Livingston is going to broadcast his Space Show from the conference.

  • International partners from Italy & Japan are planning to participate in a panel discussion.

  • Rich said he had three co-chairmen, but needed three more, where-upon, three council members volunteered.

  • It is being suggested participants schedule business related travel to coincide with thwe date of the conference to alleviate travel expenses.

Treasurers’ report, Marsha

  • Marsha showed a chart listing income & expenses. She explained the chart was sparse because it was the beginning of the fiscal year, & few expense or income items had been reported. An Enterprise meeting was reported with 47 attendees with income $240 & expense of $178.

Technical, Prakash Sarathy, Kayin Cannon

  • No report

Communication, Lisa Kaspin

  • No report

Dinner Meetings, Chritianna Taylor

  • Christianna reported the August dinner meeting, while well attended, lost about $300 because of the dinner expense.

  • The planned schedule of future events are; September, Advice to Rocket Scientists @ the University of Southern California, October, a “brunch” @ the Cheese Cake Factory, November, T.B.D., December, a “Hollywood” type event to publicize space activities.

Enterprise Group, Dennis Wonica, Guido Frassinelli

  • Dennis reported a meeting being held 9 August at the Redondo Beach library by Representative Murasuch about rebuilding a competitive aeriospace business in Southern California.

  • Dennis mentioned several other items including a contact with Leon Alkala, Ph.D., at the Jet Propulsion Laborotory, systems engineering research, & a committee or panel to assist in funding for small business.

  • Also mentioned was the cost of doing business in California, & legislation to alleviate expnses such as sales tax exemptions, hiring tax credits, & government business initiative funds.

  • See, also, miscellaneous items below.

Education, Christian Calugarita , Jane Hansen, Bob Friend

  • California Scince Fair was mentioned in conjunction with the annual essay contest & involving the Las Vegas group in this activity.

Honors & Awards, Rob White, Jim Vlasek

  • The Palos Verdes intermediate school was mentioned in conjunction with activities & awards.

Membership, Sy Ferdman, Nicola

  • Sy nor Nicola were available, but Chuck showed a membership chart as well as “pie”charts showing percentages of members in various categories; Cities, Organizations, Professional Interest, & Age.

National Space Foundation/AIAA Partnership, Seth Potter

  • Seth announced the annual National Science Foundation conference will be held in Los Angeles next year. “Early Bird” registration is now available. He also mentioned the local chapter holds meetings at local libraries on Saturdays, & is planning a Thanksgiving buffet at the Marriott. Also, mentioned was the cooperation of with the local chapter of the Mars Society regarding the annual conference 15-16 August at the University of Colorado, in Boulder, Colorado.

Young Professionals’, Eric Gever

  • No report


  • Dennis presented some AIAA financial reports showing a $471,000 loss in 2012, & an anticipated loss of $500,000 in 2013. In addition there is a potential for an additional loss of $1.04 million due to cancellation of a Missile Defense Agency conference.


Next meeting date will be Tuesday, 10 September

Meeting adjourned approximately 7:01 p.m.
Dale Lawrence Jensen, P.E.

Secretary, Los Angeles Section

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