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Ichthyology 2

Welcome to the Ichthyology 2 course. This two-semester course, offered by the Department of Ichthyology and Fisheries Science, Rhodes University (affectionately known as the DIFS), forms part of a two-year major in Ichthyology. The purpose of this course is to provide students with a thorough introduction to fundamental ichthyology with emphasis on aspects of fish anatomy, biology and form and function. Students are also encouraged to think critically and independently throughout this course. Participation within lectures, tutorials and practicals is so strongly encouraged that it is considered compulsory. The course is comprised of lectures, tutorials, essays, practical assignments and a field trip.

Wilbert Kadye (w.kadye@ru.ac.za) will be is your course co-ordinator. If there are any problems relating to the course, please do not hesitate to speak with him.
This document is on the DIFS website at www.ru.ac.za/ichthyology and follow the link to Resources for students.
The URL for this course is:

  1. Course objective and outcomes

The objective of the Ichthyology 2 course is:

To provide students with an interactive learning environment whereby critical thinking is developed and knowledge is acquired on various aspects of fish anatomy, function, biology and academic writing.

To achieve this course objective several key learning outcomes have been identified. At the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Acquire knowledge

  • Identify and solve scientific problems

  • Think critically and independently

  • Work in a team

  • Organise and manage themselves

  • Collect, analyse, and evaluate information

  • Communicate effectively

  • Use science and technology

  • Explore education opportunities

These outcomes will provide a solid foundation for advanced proficiency in further ichthyological studies.

To achieve these outcomes, the curriculum for the Ichthyology 2 course has been structured in the form of lectures and tutorials, practicals, essays, projects and a field trip. The various aspects of the course will be assessed on a weekly basis so that students receive regular feedback so that they may gauge their progress in obtaining the required outcomes.

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