20 Ali – the Perfect Creation, an Energy and Physical Perspective Greatness of the Prophet (S)

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Ali – the Perfect Creation, an Energy and Physical Perspective

Greatness of the Prophet (S)

The Prophet has said:


By Allah, I can tell you who among you will go to paradise, and who among you will burn in hell for ever. The whole universe is before my eyes. Beware! If I tell you about things and events, you will not like it.

I have already told you all that which brings you near to Allah, so you must carry out those commands, and I have disclosed all that which separates you from Him and takes you to hell, so do not do what I have forbidden.
Do not transgress the boundaries laid down by Allah. If you ask questions about the things He has not disclosed, because of His wisdom, you will find yourselves in deep trouble.
Before we begin to mention and discuss the virtues of Ali, it would be sufficient here to quote a statement from the Invocation of Adeelah to confirm the supremacy of the Prophet Muhammad (S) above the entire creation. Imam al-Mahdi (ATFS) says:
You are the most generous, the most Merciful. O Allah! Send blessings on the best creature, Muhammad, and on his pious and pure progeny. There is no authority and no might except Allah’s, the High, and the Great. (All) praise is for Allah, the lord of the worlds.
al-Khumeini (AR) writes the following about the Prophet (S):
The Prophet (S), whose knowledge was derived from the divine revelation, and whose soul was so great that it could predominate over the spirits of millions upon millions of human beings; who rejected all the practices and customs of the pagan Arabs; who shattered under his feet all the false creeds; abrogated all the scriptures and the circle of Prophethood achieved its completion in his noble existence; who was the ruler of the world and the hereafter, and who was the master of all the worlds, with the permission of Allah (SWT) Almighty - yet his humility towards the creatures of Allah (SWT) was more than of any other human being.
In Hayatul-Qulub, the great al-Majlisi (AS) writes that authentic chain of reporters mention from al-Ridha (AS) and al-Sajjad (AS) that the Messenger of Allah (S) said:
The Almighty Allah created 124,000 Prophets and I am the most honored one before Allah. However, I do not pride myself over it. And, He created 124,000 Successors, among whom Ali is the most exalted.
Safwan al-Jamal from al-Sadiq (AS), has also narrated the above tradition.
al-Mahdi has the following to say about Muhammad, the last of Prophets, in the Invocation of al-Iftitah recited during the month of Ramadhan al-Mubarak:
O Allah! Send blessings on Muhammad, Your servant, messenger, confidant, friend, beloved intimate, mercy unto all the created beings, bearer of your sacraments, quotient of your messengers, the most superior, the exquisite, the most handsome, the most perfect, the upright, the more prospering, the more pleasant, the thoroughly purified, the sublime; who has more and better blessings, advantages, mercies, affections and salutations than You made available to any one of Your servants, prophets, messengers, friends, and those honored by You from among Your created being.
And then he says the following about Ali:
O Allah! Send Blessings on Ali, the leader of the faithful, and the successor to the messenger of the lord of the worlds, Your servant, Your beloved representative, brother of Your messenger, and Your decisive argument over mankind, Your most important sign, and the great news from You.
And finally, he says the following about Fatima:
O Allah! Send blessings on the truthful pure Fatima, the chosen leader of the women of the worlds.
It is reported that Archangel Dardaeel once produced a pair of scales, which was equal to the space between heaven and earth. He placed the Prophet on one side of the scale and one hundred of his future companions on the other, but they proved a mere feather to their leader. The angel then put against him a thousand of his most renowned and eminent followers, but they weighed nothing against the Prophet. Half of his sect was also tried, and then his entire sect.

Then, Dardaeel placed all the angels, mountains, seas, deserts, trees and the whole universe Allah has made into the opposite scale, but the whole inconceivable amount was totally overbalanced by the Prophet Muhammad (S) (al-Majlisi (1627).

Such status was (and is) the Prophet (S). And, according to authentic traditions, the best creation after the Prophet is Ali, the Commander of the entire Universe – since Ali was created from the same light of the Prophet. Ali proved this aspect in his life in so many ways. The Holy Prophet had said:
I and Ali are from one and same divine light. He is the head of my body.
al-Majlisi (1627) writes in his Hayatul-Qulub that Shaikh Saduq (AR) states, on the authority of al-Sadiq (AS), that the Commander of the Faithful declared that the Most High:
Allah (SWT) created the Sacred Light of Muhammad, the asylum of Prophecy, before the heavens or earth, empyrean or throne, table of decrees or divine pen, paradise or hell were formed. His light was also created previous to the creation of any other Prophets by the period of 424,000 years.
In this light Allah formed twelve compartments; namely of Power, Greatness, Grace, Mercy, Felicity, Munificence, Official Dignity, Religious Direction, Prophecy, Exaltation, Majesty and Intercession. Allah then stationed that intelligent light in the compartment of power for the period of 12,000 years, and the journeys for this light continued. In the last journey to the compartment of intercession, the light cried for one thousand years – glory and thanks to the Mighty Lord!
The Most High then formed twenty seas of light, in each of which were a number of sciences that no one understands but Allah. He then commanded the light of Muhammad to go down through the sea of Glory; of Patience; of Humility; of Submission; of Contentment; of Faithfulness; of Mildness; of Abstinence; of Fear; of Repentance; of Good Works; of Abundance; of Religious Direction; of Carefulness and of Modesty, till he had passed through the twenty seas. When he came forth from the last sea, the Most High addressed him saying; O My Beloved! Best of My Prophets! First of My Creatures! Last of My Apostles! Be the Advocate on the Day of Reward!

That light (of Muhammad) then fell into adoration, and when it arose, 1,24,000 drops fell from the light, from everyone of which Allah made a Prophet, thus completing the number of those sacred Prophets.

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