1. Opening of Health Centres/Dispensaries

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1. Opening of Health Centres/Dispensaries (Rs. 1884.05 lakh)

This is a continuing plan scheme of 9th Five Year Plan with aim to provide primary health care at the door step of general public of National Capital Territory of Delhi through health Centres / dispensaries. These health Centres are providing, preventive, promotive & curative health services along with MCH and family welfare services. The special public health Programmes of Delhi Govt. are being implemented from these health Centres in a routine manner.

As on 30.10.2004, 176 Delhi Govt. Allopathic health Centres are functioning in various parts of NCT of Delhi. Due care is being taken at the time of opening of a new health Centre so that the weaker section of the society, persons of low socio economic groups, living in resettlement colonies, JJ clusters and far flung rural areas can get medical facilities from these health centres.

Agency No. Of Dispensaries as on 20-10-2004

Delhi Govt. 374 (Including Ayurved Homeopathic MHS & SHS)

M.C.D. 294

N.D.M.C. 45

Delhi Cantt. Board ---

Total 713

The norm for opening new health Centres as one health Centre for 50,000 block of population, in thickly populated areas and 25000 block of population in sparsely populated areas as enviged in state health policy of 2002 is approved by Delhi Govt.

    1. Achievement during 2004-05.

During Annual plan 2004-05, there was proposal of opening 10 new Health Centres. One Health Centre each at A-11-12, Ram Dutt Enclave and at Wazirpur, Phase-III had already been opened. Another 8 Health Centres in Dwarka Sector-2, 10, 12, Visakha Enclave I.P. Extension and Gali Guliyan Jama Masjid, Tis Hazri Court, Kanganheri etc., will be opened in the newly constructed buildings & in rented buildings. Delhi Govt. had sanctioned 7 posts for each H.C in 2003-04.

New H.C. building at Nangal Raya, Tilak Vihar and Khajoori Khas had been completed and the old disp. have already been shifted to new buildings. The construction of HC cum Maternity Home at Kantinagar had been completed and Health Centre running in private building will be shifted soon. Another 4 H.C. are in planning stage of construction. 1000 sq. mtr. of land at Kondli had been purchased for construction of a new H.C. Building. The land at Saket has been taken over for construction of New Health Centre. Cost of land at Janakpuri had been paid to DDA and possession is to be taken soon. Slum Wing of MCD had been asked to allot BVK for opening H.C. in Urban Slum and resettlement colonies like Bawana, Madanpur Khadar, Molarband and Holambi Kalan.

1.2. Construction / maintenance of Health Centre buildings

Out of 176 Health Centres, 58 are functioning from rented premises. This Directorate is facing lot of problems in running Health Centres in rented premises. Therefore, it is our endeavor to construct our own Departmental building to run the Govt. Health Centres. Most of the rented dispensaries are located in the unauthorized regularized colonies, as well as in rural areas. In the unauthorized regularized colonies, usually, no land is made available by the land owning agency, as such this department is forced to continue in the rented premises. However, in villages, the possibilities for acquiring land through Director, Panchayat is also being explored regularly.

In case of JJ clusters & relocated places, the Slum & JJ Deptt. is providing accommodation in Basti Vikas Kendras and prefabricated structures in relocated sites. However, till date, the accommodation provided by Slum & JJ Deptt. does not have the basic amenities like water, electricity, toilets, waiting space for the patients, etc. This is a matter of concern for the patients and the staff posted in these dispensaries. Similarly, this Deptt. is facing the problem of electricity and water supply in the MPCC taken over from the Rural Development Deptt since RD Deptt. has to clear pending dues to DVB/DJB. Only thereafter new connection will be sanctioned by DVB/DJB for the dispensary purpose.

1.3. Estt. of Medicine and other Stores at District Level

At present, there is only one Central Store located at DHS (HQ) Building, Karkardooma. Since the Delhi Govt. dispensaries are spread all over NCT of Delhi, out of these some are located more than 40 kms. from the Central Store, as such to make it more convenient, this Directorate proposes to open 8 stores in eight district headquarters offices in Delhi, for which one officer/Store Keeper and one van each would be required. The various items including drugs, surgical, furniture and other related items needed for both new and existing dispensaries will be procured. Anti rabies vaccine required by institutions under Directorate of Health Services will also be procured centrally from the plan funds. Also due to up-gradation of First-Aid post at Delhi High Court in to a Modern Polyclinic various equipments & Lab. Items/Medicines would be procured.


As a process of decentralization for better delivery of health care services, the existing four zones had been converted into 8 District Health Offices with each district having one CDMO & one Addl. CDMO for which various staff had been sanctioned in Delhi Govt. It is proposed that 8 Gipsy will be purchased for 8 district health offices for 8 Addl. CDMOs to be engaged in conducting raids in public places and public transport for implementation of Anti-Smoking Act. and inspection of private nursing homes for registration. The funds will be utilized out of the budget provided under the plan scheme, “Opening of Govt. Dispensaries/Health Centres” under relevant head. Similarly 8 store vans will also be purchased from the budget allotted for this scheme.

1.5. Target During 2005-06

It is proposed to open 10 Health Centres during the financial year 2005-06 out of which five will be opened under SCP Scheme in areas predominated by SC/ST population.

A sum of Rs. 1884.05 lacs has been approved. Out of which Rs. 1424.05 lacs is for Revenue Head, Rs. 460.00 lacs under Capital Head during 2005-06.

2. Mobile Van Dispensaries for JJ Clusters (Rs. 249.50 lakh)

2.1. Introduction

Mobile Health Scheme was started in the year 1989 to provide medical services to the residents of JJ clusters of Delhi at their doorstep through mobile dispensaries. At present Mobile Health Scheme is running 68 mobile dispensaries out of which 46 being run by DHS staff and 22 with help from various NGOs and covering only 450 JJ clusters of Delhi. One mobile dispensary team visits 2 JJ clusters per day and twice a week same clusters are covered by each mobile dispensary. Govt. had sanctioned 75 Mobile dispensaries till now which is too less to handle the on growing demands of the people of JJ Clusters.

2.2. Functioning of Mobile Health Scheme

There are four zones of Mobile Health Scheme located in East, West; South and North Delhi with headquarter at Prashant Vihar, Rohini. Besides these various zones, dispensary cell and Hospitals under DHS also run mobile dispensary where zones and hospitals provide staff but vehicles and medicines are provided by Mobile Health Scheme. Each mobile dispensary has five-member team consisting of one Medical Officer, PHN, Pharmacist, Dresser and one attendant.

2.3. Need and Justification of the scheme

There are approximately 1350 JJ clusters in Delhi. To provide medical services in all the JJ clusters and in all the unauthorized colonies, a total of 400 vehicles are required along with 400 medical teams, each comprising of five members. A study was conducted by the Planning Deptt. of Govt. of Delhi during 1997-98 and review of the scheme was done by a team of Accountant General(Audit) Delhi in the year 1998-99.

2.4. Achievement during 2004-05.

At present as on 3rd Oct. 04, 68 Mobile Health Clinics under DHS are functional out of which 46 are being run through Govt. Staff and 22 are being run in collaboration with various NGO.

2.5. Target for Annual Plan 2005-06.

The physical target is to start 60 more Mobile Dispensaries during A.P. 2005-06 apart from achieving the previous target of 75 clinics of the earlier target subject to creation of posts.

2.6. Staff position

Govt. of Delhi has sanctioned the following staff till date to run the scheme.

Medical Officer - 35

PHN - 20

ANM - 15

Pharmacist - 35

Dresser - 17

Peon - 34

Total 156

No Office staff has been sanctioned till date though scheme is in operation since 1989. For this purpose, a proposal was under process with AR Deptt. for creation of 215 more posts of medical and paramedical staff. Therefore it is proposed that during 2005-06 all the dispensaries will be run by Govt. staff. The 8 district health offices in whole Delhi had been created by Delhi Govt. Accordingly the proposal for creation of 234 new posts of various categories will be submitted to Delhi Govt. apart from 14 administrative staff (Total 248).

2.7. Purchase of Vehicles

The condemned vehicle Maruti Gypsy needs to be replaced by new one for administrative purposes during financial year 2005-06.

An amount of 249.50 lacs is approved under Revenue Head for the financial year 2005-06.


3.1. Nomenclature of the SCHEME: - Health Check up for school children OF NCT OF DELHI


To carry out periodical health check up among the school children in various govt. schools for identifying problems like dental caries, skin infections, heart problems, eye and hearing problems, any infectious disease, etc. and taking preventive measures in time so as to reduce morbidity and further deterioration of health in future.


School Health Scheme is being implemented in Delhi w.e.f. 1979 and total 435 schools are being covered under the scheme with 65 School Health Clinics running in various parts of Delhi. However, these clinics cannot cater to all the schools of Govt. of Delhi. Schools in North Delhi are not being covered by School Health Scheme and there is a proposal to open more School Health Clinics in North Delhi with a view to covering more schools during 9th Five Year Plan. All the posts of the existing School Health Scheme are converted into Non Plan and only Special School Health Check up programmes were undertaken from the office expenses of a plan scheme(School Health Scheme). It is observed that it is not economical by opening more school health clinics and carrying out the periodical health check up through routine govt. staff. Therefore, in 10th FYP it is decided for carrying out School Health Check up completely through NGOs and the existing staff of School Health Scheme could be readjusted in other health institutions. With minimum cost, all the school students in Delhi can be covered in a year, if the tasks are assigned to NGOs. Therefore, the school health scheme was renamed as "School Health Check up for school children of NCT of Delhi through NGOs". The system will be cost effective and more fruitful in comparison to earlier set up as in whole year all the school children in Delhi can be covered and no manpower will be required. Only supervision and technical support can be provided by officers of Directorate of Health Services to NGO for effective implementation of School health check up in various schools.


The NGO will be selected on transparent basis for undertaking the assignment of school health check up in different schools of NCT of Delhi. Guidelines will be provided to each NGO for carrying out health check up in each school in coordination with the Principal of the concerned school. The rate of health check up will be decided per each student on competitive basis by inviting tender with certain terms and conditions ensuring the standard of the check up, and approved by Finance Deptt. of Govt. of Delhi. The technical support and quality of health check up will be monitored by one Programme Officer identified by Director Health Services.

3.5. ACHIEVEMENT UP TO 2004-05

1. Survey of schools for addition and deletion for taking of school health check-up had been completed. Material purchased, IEC material printed and training of health personals & teachers completed. Screenings of students are in progress.

2. The tender for inviting various NGOs for undertaking school health check-up was floated and few reputed NGOs were selected by duly constituted committee of Delhi Govt. Total 138 schools were covered by 13 NGOs for which 671 schools were allotted during 2003-04. Total 81,173 students were screened, 14529 students were referred to specialist and 7762 students were immunized various vaccines during 2003-04. For which 2004-05, the inviting of tender from reputed NGOs is in process. Till September 2004, 58 schools were covered. 57,379 students were examined. 5,797 students were referred to specialist.


1. Covering an estimated 12.00 lacs school students of NCT of Delhi through NGO specially in North Zone.

2. Printing & purchase of health material, training of health personnel & teachers and newspaper advertisements for inviting tenders.


An amount of 100 lacs is approved for this scheme for 2005-06.

    (Rs. 1089.60 lakh)

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