* Updated on 10/7/14. This post is contains virtually everything typically covered in a gp school year!

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* Updated on 10/7/14.

This post is contains virtually everything typically covered in a GP school year!  Spend your time sifting through the links to re-familiarize yourselves with what will be expected of you on exam day.

Remember, TWO hours to write TWO essays from TWO different sections on the test!  EACH must be 500-600 words in length!

Brainstorming Bestie…the answer is in the palm of your hand!

Use the following links below to help you review and study for the GP exam…


  • AICE: General Paper: an overview PowerPoint

  • EXAM BASICS Tips for breaking down the prompt and getting started

  • Top TOP 25 from the Cambridge Examiners themselves!

  • Essay Scoring Rubric (the offical one Cambridge uses!)

  • GP: Myth versus Fact: a PowerPoint to de-bunk the nonsense!


  • Expository Essay Sample: Explain the popularity of designer labels. 

  • Persuasive Essay Sample:  Should people have to pay to hear music?

  • Persuasive Essay Sample: Is it always best to tell the truth?

  • Discursive Essay Sample: Should fracking be banned?

  • Discursive Essay Sample: Can renewable resources ever address our energy needs?

  • A Cambridge-graded, Discursive Essay:  What are the main environmental problems in your part of the world and how effectively are they being tackled?

  • Another Cambridge-graded, Discursive Essay: Which is more important–money or happiness?


  • Writing an Expository Thesis

  • The Expository Intro

  • The Persuasive Intro

  • The Discursive Intro


  • Drafting a Body Paragraph, expository model

  • Body Paragraph, color-coded elements of a discursive body paragraph

  • Topic Sentences and Seamless transitioning…take a look at this outline of the body of an expository essay…notice how each paragraph builds upon the one previous while maintaining focused on the prompt!

  • Layering Support in the Body…it’s ok to have two paragraphs to express one point…check out this sample to see what I mean!

  • Practice Seamless Transitioning…here’s the full activity we did in class, including the Key at the end!

  • Drafting a Body Paragraph, expository model

  • Point-Counterpoint, a how-to handout

  • Body Paragraph, persuasive model using point-counterpoint



  • Midterm Simulation Prompts (from Dec. 2013)

  • Timed Writing: discursive

  • Saturday Simulation Prompts (from May 2014)


For content, feel free to access the online versions of our Upfront Magazines by visiting www.upfrontmagazine.com.  Sign in as a student using this password: globalnative15.  This will give you access to all the mags, videos, and other educational links!



  • Click here for a list of commonly misspelled words…study these!

POOR Expression…AVOID the following, funky phrases:

  • Nowadays…(yucky cliche!  Replace with: ‘in today’s society,’ ‘in modern society,’ ‘today,’ ‘currently’)

  • It has its pros and its cons (slang-y!  replace with benefits/drawbacks)

  • Take for example… (slang-y!  replace with: Consider __ as an example…)

  • Say someone…(slang-y! replace with: If an individual were to…)

  • Etc.” is a no-no!

  • And many more (replace with: among others)

  • You…replace with “WHO” you is!  (If you buy a car…if a consumer buys a car…)


DASHES off-set phrases/details

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