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Location of photo

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Submission Guideline

All photo entries must provide images with the following specifications.

  • Image data files created with digital still cameras (including medium and large-format cameras).

  • File format: JPEG

  • File size per JPEG: more than 1500 x 2100 pixels/more than 150dpi/up to a minimum 2MB

  • Photo files can be submitted in the following formats: JPEG, PNG and GIF.

  • No Photo should be digitally altered or enhanced except for basic cropping or colour correction. The content and context of the image should in no way be altered or enhanced.

  • Each image that is sent should include the following information:
    Full name and contact details of Contestant; location of Photo; date Photo was taken; include a caption of the Photo(s), and the full name of the person/people with their image captured in the Photo(s).

  • The information must be repeated on the entry form.

* Note: Winners may be requested to provide higher resolution images for publication or display purposes related to the Contest.

All Essay entries should include the following documents:

  • The Essay in word format; a cover page will be included and on this page, the category for which the Essay is submitted must be clearly indicated;

  • A short biographical note (to introduce the applicant/Contestant), including his/her full contact details (email address, telephone number(s), postal address, town, country, etc.)

  • The Essay cannot be more than 500 words.


  • NEPAD Agency is not responsible for any damage or loss that may occur during the sending of entries via the Internet.

  • NEPAD Agency is not responsible for any problems or damages experienced by the Contestant due to forces beyond the control of the Agency, such as but not limited to troubles relating to computer networks, computer virus infections or unauthorized computer access.

  • During the performance of the Photo shoots or the writing of the Essay, each Contestant shall have strictly complied with the laws and regulations in force in the country where the Photo(s) was/were taken or the Essay(s) was/were written; and more especially the laws and regulations in force related to the Intellectual Property Rights.

  • Contestants must possess the exclusive intellectual property rights to each of its entered work (i.e. the Photo(s) and the Essay(s)) and are responsible for having obtained any necessary permissions relating to the subject/subject matter. NEPAD Agency will not be responsible for any claims or complaints against infringement of rights or damages from third parties relating to the subject/subject matter of entries, and the Contestant agrees to indemnify and hold NEPAD Agency harmless in such cases.

  • A Photo which displays an identified or identifiable person(s) may infringe on such person’s right of privacy or may disclose such person’s personal information. Contestants shall have taken all the necessary actions to avoid any infringement of personal rights, including the rights to image from the person captured in the Photos. Thus all Contestants are deemed responsible to have formally obtained from such person(s) all necessary permissions and assignments of all rights) to use their image(s) by the NEPAD Agency and CTA, for an unlimited duration, for the whole world, for all forms, supports and media limitless in terms of number


  • Photos submitted for the Contest shall include the names and contact information of all people shown therein. Minors – meaning children under the age of 18 years – shall have the signed approval of their parent(s) or guardian(s) before being photographed. Contestants must attach the signed release form from parent(s) or guardian(s) with their entries. This form will be provided on the website and other platforms when the Contest is advertised. The signed release shall.

  • Alternatively, Contestants should submit a declaration bearing responsibility for the subject and subject matter in the Photos as well as express warranties that all the third parties involved such as the persons with their image captured in the Photos have expressly authorized the use of their image and assigned in full, the intellectual rights attached to their image.

  • The copyright of submitted and winning Photos will be owned by the participating Contestants. The winning Photos shall be exclusively owned by NEPAD Agency and partners (such as CTA) for non-commercial usages such as promotion, publicity, news, informational education or awareness usage relating to the NEPAD Agency and partners such as CTA. Therefore, all the winning Photos shall be graciously vested in NEPAD Agency and its partners (such as CTA) with full title. The rights thus assigned to NEPAD Agency and its partners (including CTA) shall cover the whole world, rights of use, rights of reproduction, of representation, of adaptation, such uses taking any form whatsoever including such forms as are not at present envisaged and shall be limitless in terms of both time and number. Therefore, the NEPAD Agency and its partners shall be fully entitled, but not limited, to use the Photos for all print media and off-media, publishing, edition, all public editorial or press relations, for educational, journalistic, informative purposes, for all sponsoring, festival, cultural events, all expositions or exhibitions, during international or conferences events, In addition, the rights assigned includes the diffusion of the Photos in all public places and on all data processing networks (Internet world on-line and off-line, interactive terminals, e-cards, savers of screen, down loaded or not, CDROM, DVD).

  • Contestants will be able to use their Photos, which they retain the moral copyright to, in their print and online portfolios, exhibitions, books and other publications and to disseminate – including sell – their Photos to interested clients. They will be identified as the authors of the Photos.

  • Contestants who are submitting Essay(s) shall assign NEPAD Agency and its partners with all the authorship rights attached to the Essay(s) which include but is not limited to the right to use, publish, circulate, reproduce, translate; represent and adapt the Essay(s) in any and all forms whatsoever and limitless in terms of both time and number. Such assignments shall cover the same scope of assignment of rights than the rights described hereinbefore for the Photos.

How to Enter

After carefully reading all the information on this page, download the entry form below, fill it in and send your image/essay along with the entry form to

Submissions must be made via laptop; desktop computer; tablet computer or smartphone.

Notification to Winners

The winners will be notified through email by end of May 2013.


At the time of entry, entrants are deemed to have read, understood and be in agreement with all rules and conditions. The NEPAD Agency reserves the right to rule on any issue(s) not covered by these rules and disclaimers. In the event that an entrant should disagree with any decision made, that entrant will have the right to withdraw his or her entry. All related expenses incurred shall be borne solely by the entrant.

In the event that the efficiency, security, selection procedure, fairness of the contest or any related operations are deemed to have been compromised by forces beyond the control of NEPAD – such as but not limited to troubles relating to computer networks, computer virus infections or unauthorized computer access – then the receipt of some or all entries via the Internet may be postponed or discontinued.

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