You will draft a persuasive essay that will fit the 26-line box. You will follow the instructions given on a staar writing prompt page. You will follow the instructions below, which tell you what your essay should contain

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10th Grade Persuasive Writing Instructions

You will draft a persuasive essay that will fit the 26-line box.

You will follow the instructions given on a STAAR writing prompt page.

You will follow the instructions below, which tell you what your essay should contain.

1. Introduction can be written one of 2 ways:

  • Begin with your THESIS statement. This sentence should indicate the position you are taking for your essay and DIRECTLY respond to the prompt (find – “Write”- on the prompt page), or

  • Write an introductory paragraph and make your thesis the last sentence (see sample on the back of this page).

2. Fill most of the page with ONE or TWO good examples that support your thesis statement. You will DEVELOP these examples by telling details, giving description, and explaining your ideas. BE SPECIFIC and NOT GENERAL in your statements.

Try to avoid using a personal example; you don’t want the grader to think you’re writing a narrative essay.

If you’re going to be writing about a person, avoid the general use of “people” throughout the essay. It’s OK to put “people” in your thesis, but once you begin your supportive statements, pick a particular person to use as an example.

3. End your essay with a thoughtful statement that tells your reader what you THINK about all you've written in your essay and that reasserts your position (but not in the same exact words you used in your introduction), or you may end with a conclusion paragraph that does the same thing.

4. Make sure ALL of your statements follow a logical progression of ideas. Do NOT write down random thoughts as they pop into your head. If you need to, compose a little outline before you begin drafting so that your ideas will follow logical progression!

5. Connect your ideas with appropriate, meaningful transitions.

6. Use FORMAL, persuasive word choice & TONE. Do NOT address your reader!! Do NOT use slang expressions or abbreviated word forms (wanna, gonna, LOL, ppl, woulda).

7. Find & correct all punctuation, spelling, and capitalization errors!! USE THAT DICTIONARY!!!


Persuasive Essay Example

Prompt: Write an essay stating your position on whether you believe that we live in an information age or an interruption age.



Texting has become like breathing. We do it constantly and can almost not function without it. With the huge amount of technology and instant communication we have today, our dependency on our smart phones, computers, etc. has become detrimental to human beings. The vast amount of useless information available to us has become harmful to us socially as well as intellectually.

The “information age” has changed the way we interact with each other. Our dependency on technology to communicate with each other is so great that holding a simple conversation with a person has become impossible. In restaurants and other public places, couples and groups of friends have their phones out – texting, calling, twittering, facebooking. It’s become an obsession. Not only have our toys affected the way we communicate, but they also have affected the way we think.

People’s past times today are commonly spent on the internet or on their phones rather than with a book or with family. We’ve lost interest in the things that stimulate our minds and turned our attention towards things that preoccupy us, filling our heads with useless information. Our focus has turned away from the beneficial and towards the unimportant.

As cool as modern technology may be, it has caused our world to change completely – and not for the better. Our time has become constantly wasted.

NOTE: It is OK to make your essay all ONE paragraph with the thesis as the 1st sentence, a body giving your example(s), and a final conclusion sentence. The above essay is an example of one with 2 body paragraphs, and that’s OK, too. Just be careful to AVOID LISTING examples. Notice that in the 2 body paragraphs of this essay, the writer developed his/her ideas, giving specific examples & explanations.

Download 10.92 Kb.

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