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The objective of the scheme is to facilitate coaching and study camps for  the weak students to improve their performance.  Earlier this scheme was covering students of SC/ST/educationally backward minority & weaker section students only.


The result of Govt. schools at Board Examination in Delhi have been showing a downward trend. The students belonging to weaker sections of society, specially those who come from rural area, JJ  colonies/clusters are worst affected. These are the places, where there is concentration of SC/ST students and students from backward communities and other minority groups. To overcome their difficulties in comprehension,. Constant support is needed to these students even beyond school hours. To overcome this problem, it is proposed that coaching camps of a month’s duration are organized in summer vacations in identified government schools. The number of schools where coaching camps would be organized shall not exceed 5 in a zone.

Under this scheme, extra coaching camps/classes are organized  for the weak students during autumn and winter  breaks. Besides, extra coaching camps/classes are  organized for  the students who are placed in the  compartment  at Sec. and Sr. Sec. Classes Board Examination.
Teams of subject experts at various levels would be identifies for delivering the teaching lessons. Camps will be organised during the summer vacation, autumn break and winter break in the identified schools.
Honorarium shall be paid @ Rs. 75.00 per lecture to TGT for class X and @ Rs. 100.00 per lecture at PGT for class XII. A lecture shall be of one hour duration..
Rs.350.00 has been approved as outlay for 10th Five Year Plan and Rs.100.00 lacs is approved for Annual Plan for  2005-2006 to implement the scheme.
(Rs.200.00 lakh)
The main objective of this Scheme is to strengthen Examination Branch, to conduct the common examinations from class VI to XII, preparation and distribution of question bank and standardize question paper, answer sheet and evaluation cards for students in Govt. and Aided schools.
Examination for students in classes VI to VIII;, IX and XI are conducted by the District authorities at their level. Since the  papers set  by districts which had different levels of  assessment,  the basic purpose of having same level of examinations for each class was  forfeited. Accordingly it has been decided that common examination be conducted centrally for these classes so that assessment of students is uniform. It is also proposed to carry-out continuous and comprehensive evaluation of all students beginning from class III onwards. Periodic examination shall be held in each quarter for students of all classes besides the routine terminal examination. A set of papers would be set centrally for each class. Papers would be examined electronically. It would indicate level of learning of students in each school and shall form basis for evaluation of teachers.
Under this Scheme, question bank will be prepared in different streams and subjects and will be distributed amongst the Schools.  Common examination shall be conducted centrally for the students of Classes VIth to VIIIth, IX and

XIth. Besides, continuous and comprehensive evaluation shall be carried out through out the year.

Rs.400.00 Lacs is approved as outlay for 10th Five Year Plan and Rs.200.00 lacs is approved for the Annual Plan 2005-2006 to implement the scheme.



The objective of the scheme is to improve quality of education in Government Schools in collaboration with Public Schools, public at large or N.G.Os.


The result of Government Schools in Secondary Examination in the year 2002 was 49%. It means that out of every 100 students appeared 51 students could not get through. On the other hand, some of public schools have secured 80% success in the same examination.  Undoubtedly, the academic level  of  teachers  in Government  Schools  is  in no way inferior  to  that  of  Public Schools  but it is because of better management of  academic  and other  resources  that these schools do  better  than  Government Schools.  It was therefore felt teachers and students  in  Govt. Schools are exposed to the atmosphere in Public Schools. Some  of the  Public Schools have offered to exchange their  faculty  with Government  Schools and allow students of Government  Schools  to use their material / library etc. under twinning programme. Thus, the students  in schools shall gain by way of  knowing  teaching methods there and avail other facilities of public schools. These schools have  allowed students of Government Schools  to  attend classes  with their students. It would expose both teachers and students in Govt. School to learn the technique of better  performance and adopt the same in their schools as well.

Assistance  of  NGOs will also be taken  by  the  Government wherever it is felt that NGOs could provide additional inputs  to school education. NGO could be given assistance on the basis of set norms depending upon the area of their working.


1. Cost of material in the form study material provided by public schools to our students shall be paid.

2. Assistance to NGO for specific programmes for  improvement of quality education in Slums / J. J.  Colonies  / J. J. Clusters.

3. Workshop for Principals of non-aided schools to make them familiar with rules and regulations of Education Department.

Rs.110.00 Lacs is approved as outlay for 10th Five Year Plan and an outlay of Rs.50.00 lacs is approved for Annual Plan 2005-06 .


STUDENTS (Rs.65.00 lakhs)
The objective of the scheme is to give recognition and financial help the meritorious students of economically weaker sections of society. In Dte. of Education common annual exam is held for the students of class VI to VIII, IX & XI. It is proposed to provide scholarship @ Rs.400/- per annum to the students of classes VII & VIII, Rs. 600/- per annum to the students of class IX & X and Rs. 1550/- per annum to the students of class XI & XII to those pass out studemts who secured 80 % and above e marks in aggregate in the last annual exams and whose parental income of up to Rs. 4000/- per month boys and Rs.5000/- per month in case of girl students. A students shall be eligible for scholarship @ Rs.400/- per annum in class VII if he/she secure 80% and above marks in class VI and shall be eligible for scholarship in class VIII if he/she secure 80% and above marks in class VII. Similarly, scholarship in classes IX, X , XI and XII shall be paid on securing 80% and above marks in their last exam. The scholarship would be paid in the mid session so that it may help students in buying books, study material, stationery etc. The proposal has recently been approved by the Planning/Finance department in 2004-05.
During 2005-06, Rs.65.00 lacs is approved to benefit 12000 students.


1. Grant-in-aid to the colleges and construction of buildings for Delhi Government Sponsored Colleges (10th Plan 2002-2007 approved outlay Rs.6000 Lakhs) (proposed outlay for Annual Plan 2005-06, Rs. 1045 lakhs)

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