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You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Read the following extract from a book chapter.

Young people have the highest rates of arrest for reported crime. Almost half of all people arrested are under the age of 25. Young people are more likely to be involved in crime because they have fewer relationships that encourage them to follow conventional behavior.

Now, write an essay to an educated reader to discuss your opinions about the reasons for violent crime among youngsters. Include reasons and any relevant examples to support your answer. You should write at least 250 words

It has been indicated by the latest researches that there is a significant increase in number of violence crimes in the youngsters under 25 years old. The reasons for this phenomenon are believed to be lack of good encouraging to behave conventionally from their parents and teachers and not able to find the best ways of educating their own children in this age group.

The biggest mistake of educating people in this age is their parents and teachers treat them in serious ways during the learning process. First of all, they observe that this age group of children do not need emotion and softness as younger children, and they really pay attention just to their academic study and how to pass successfully from the school. As a result, the relationships between parents, teachers and students become extremely hard without any love. Secondly, once the circumstance at the school or home is getting worse and under pressure for students, they start to hate everyone and act negatively and violently against innocent. Consequently, teachers and parents cause people at age of 25 to be dangerous criminals in the society.

Additionally, parents and teachers feel embarrassed in finding their own method of teaching people in this group. Although there are several of resources that teach people the intelligent approaches of emotional and social learning for adult, it doesn’t seem really effective to these teachers and parents. In Canada for instance, in Chapter- the famous library there are a lot of the newest and easiest books of dealing with secondary schools students, yet criminal behaviors have reached the peak at schools, on streets and in public places.

In Conclusion, to reduce the number of crime violence among 25 years old individuals, parents and teachers should teach them in inspirational and friendly methods because strict communication and narrow education are the influential factors for making these youth criminals.

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