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You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Read the following text from an education magazine.

While compulsory education in some countries such as England begins at the age of five (with many children actually starting at four), in countries such as Sweden, Denmark and Finland, school does not begin until the age of seven.

There are two different points of view regarding this. Some people think that children should begin their formal education at a very early age and should spend most of their time on school studies. Others believe that young children should spend most of their time playing.

Write an essay to an educated reader to tell which point of view you agree with. Include specific reasons and any relevant examples to support your answer. You should write at least 250 words.

Sample 1:

Education is an integral partin a modem society. Some people think formal education is of primary importance to children at early age, while others prefer to let them spend most of time in playing. I am in favor of the point that let children have most of their own time playing. Since I believe that playing is another form of education to children, and it’s crucial in shaping of children. 

Firstly, playing provide a chance to let children know the world, and develop some essential personalities. At the early age, children are very curious about everything surrounding them, because their understanding of the world is still remains in a very initial grade. Though playing, children can learn some very basic but essential concepts, logic and characters about the world. For example, when children go on barefoot on the grass, they can themselves feel the softness of grass, which no one can teach them about, except for themselves.

Secondly, children can explore some very unique talents of themselves. Generally, a formal education is to teach some standard course and grating in a very formula way. If children received a formal education at their early age, they were deprived a chance to discover and develop their own special talents. Children should own this chance to search what their potential advantages and advance in fun, since this chance might lead to success in their future adult world.

In conclusion, parents should let their children spend most of the time playing. It is a good way for children to learn about the world surrounding them as well as to themselves explore their talents.

Sample 2:

Many parents want their children to acquire better scholastic achievements in future. Hence, they compel them to attend classes and use their free time at home to study from very early age. However, I believe that most of their time should be spent playing.

By playing, children are able to study many things around them. Children by nature want to discover all things surrounding their houses and their playgrounds. When we force them to spend their time on formal education, we accidentally build the walls that separate them from the beautiful world outside. Moreover, children often find knowledge in books boring. In contrast, when playing, they can observe the natural phenomena which attract their attention. During this process children gain the knowledge.
Furthermore, playing helps them in developing physical conditions. When they play in the gardens, or parks, they can breathe fresh air and be provided vitamin D obtained from sunlight. Running and laughing also help in strengthening their muscles. Additionally, they will have better immune systems that can protect them from many diseases. On the other hand, if they stay at home and study too much, they may have the risk of getting obese.

Finally, when playing, children are able to gain many skills. They can learn how to cooperate with their team-mates to beat the opponents in games. Sometimes, there are arguments between the children. These are chances for them to practice problem-solving, negotiation skills. In reverse, when children study for most of their time, they become passive. In addition, they find difficult to communicate with other people.

In short, young children should spend most of their time playing rather than just studying. By playing, they are able not only to learn many useful things, but also to develop comprehensively.

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