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Writing Test 21

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Read the following text from an article about famous people.

Famous people of various kinds, including movie stars and royalty, are often closely followed by the press. There have been stories of journalists digging through garbage bins to find little bits of information on the private lives of the rich and famous. Some press photographers try to take photographs of famous people in their most private moments to sell to the world’s media.

Now, write an essay to an educated reader to discuss your opinions about challenges of being famous. Include reasons and any relevant examples to support your answer. You should write at least 250 words.

It is widely believe that being famous guarantees a comfortable life without worrying about money or anything else. If so, why are there many articles about celebrities’ suicide because of pressures in life? Is it true that being famous so easy?

We could not negate the fact that famous people could earn ton of money through their careers such as: business, advertisement and so on. They spend their life in luxurious villas, expensive cars, travelling around the world… They always appear in well-known brand clothes or jewelry. It can be said that, celebrities have easier life than many other people.

However, being recognized by everyone causes many problems. First, famous people have no privacy for real. Every minute they step outside would be captured on the cover of some newspaper which could ruin their image immediately. Take Miss Vietnam- Ky Duyen for an example. A picture of her sleeping in the airplane with a strange posture was posted on the Internet. For that reason, many people criticized her that she did not know what she should do in public; or that she did not keep the image of a Miss Vietnam. The fact turned out that she was so tired during her promotion as a Miss Vietnamese, so she tried to take a break on the airplane. How poor she was! Problems does not only come from the paparazzi but also come from the fan. They follow them to everywhere, asking them for a picture or autograph… This somehow must be really annoying.

Second, fame also brings a serious problem that celebrities have to worry about their own safety and the safety of their family. Last month, properties in a private house of a well-known singer in Vietnam were stolen. She was so stressful and took a long time to recover after that. This is the reason why some famous people have to equip modern system or security to protect their life. Moreover, some fans have negative behavior that they even threaten their idol if he or she does not accept their proposal.

In conclusion, being famous would be nice but not an easy way to live. If you are interested in being recognized by everyone, you should accept its negative sides and find the way to deal with it.

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