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Writing test 27

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.

Read the following extract from a book chapter.

Some people argue that male and female brains are different and that this causes differences in behavior. However, some other believe that most of the differences are the result of the way in which people bring up children at home and at school.

Adapted from Solutions pre-intermediate workbook – Writing bank, Page 103

Now, write an essay to an educated reader to tell which point of view you agree with. Include reasons and any relevant examples to support your answer. You should write at least 250 words.
Some people think that there is a difference between male and female brains and that makes their behavior different. Some others argue that the way in which people raise their children at home and at school creates most of the differences. I agree with the latter point of view.
In the past, researchers claimed they could tell the sex of an individual just by looking at their disembodied brain. But a new study finds that human brains do not fit neatly into “male” and “female” categories. Indeed, all of our brains seem to share a patchwork of forms; some that are more common in males, others that are more common in females, and some that are common to both genders.
In fact, there are basic behavioral differences between the sexes, but we should note that these differences increase with age because our children's intellectual biases are being exaggerated and intensified by our gendered culture. Children don't inherit intellectual differences. They learn them. They are a result of what we expect a boy or a girl to be. For instance, a boy is taught to be strong and independent by their parents since he is expected to protect his family when he grows up.
Last but not least, nor are the reasoning, speaking, computing, emphasizing, navigating and other cognitive differences fixed in the genetic architecture of our brains. All such skills are learned and developed day by day, based on the experience children get from the school and their daily life.
In conclusion, the way parents raise their children can create the difference in behavior. Gender does not matter.

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