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Now, write an essay to an educated reader to discuss your opinions about consequences of television addiction. Include reasons and any relevant examples to support your answer.

In today’s world, television is the main source of entertainment and is a necessity of life like meals, clothing, and home. Watching time gradually increases and people become addicted to it after all. People, those watch television more than 30 hours a week, are considered television addicts by some psychologists. However, television abuse and addiction may cause numerous harmful consequences in our health and life style as follows.

The first and the most dangerous effect of watching too much of television is mass physical degradation in society. People, who spend hours and hours in front of the television, are under very high risk of diabetes and obesity. While watching television, people usually consume a lot of fast food and fizzy drinks with high calorie and out of doing exercise. A recent research study conducted at the Harvard School of Public Health indicates that watching too much television can significantly increase the risk of developing obesity and type 2 diabetes.

In addition, another adverse effect, which can be caused by television addiction, is related to possible mental disorders or depression. After hours of watching television, most people fall in constant feeling of tiresome and weariness. Some researches show that through bringing the effects of relaxation into their minds, television actually disturbs human brain and makes it tired even within the first minutes of television watching session. Moreover, watching television for long time has been linked to depression. This depression may prevent people from being able to stop watching television as they may feel miserable when they are stopped from watching. Thus, a cycle of depression and television addiction is developed.

Other problem of those people, who addict television, is lack of concentration, insomnia, restlessness, negative thoughts, etc. Watching television steals a lot of free time for activities they might find more usefulness, namely talking to friends and family, traveling, playing sports, or joining a political or community group. Besides, television addiction may affect children by the negative sides of watching television such as violence or sexual abuse which lead to failures in schools, slow-down in intellectual development, lack of social skills, etc. Many people are out of controlling their direction since they watch all programs and channels that they see.It can result in wrong perception of the life and its realities.

To conclude, the problem with television addiction is that it might not appear as dangerous as nicotine or drug addiction but when taking a deeper look, people will find out numerous damaging impacts on their life namely health problem, cognitive ability and emotional problem.

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