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A paraphrase is like a summary in that you take information from another source and put it into your own words. However, one generally uses a paraphrase to reword more detailed and specific information (such as a single passage from a book) while a summary is used to condense a number of longer passages into briefer form. When writing a paraphrase, it is important to completely reword the original passage. You may NOT simply substitute synonyms for key words from the original source.

(See the sections on paraphrasing and plagiarism for more information)


The purpose of a report is to convey new, interesting, or important information to your audience. A report is also written in the expository mode. Reports are generally factual, and include information that was gathered through observation or research. News writing is essentially report writing (hence the term “reporter”).

Common types of reports include:

When writing a report, maintain objectivity by avoiding personal opinion or evaluation of the material you are presenting. After collecting your information, arrange and present your ideas in an order that best suits the purpose and subject of the report (see the section Patterns of Organization for ideas).

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