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Application for 2017-18 Teaching Associateships, Englwrit 112: College Writing

Dear applicant:

Thank you for your interest in teaching College Writing, part of the undergraduate general education at UMass Amherst. To apply for a Teaching Associateship, please submit the following:

  1. Application Form (below).

  2. Curriculum Vitae with academic history, relevant work experience, and any additional information relevant to potential as a writing teacher.

  3. Two Letters of Recommendation. Letters submitted as part of applications for graduate study in English will be transferred automatically to the Writing Program. Those with teaching experience are encouraged to send an additional letter referring to this work.

  4. Sample of Academic Writing (min. 1,500 words). Did you submit a sample of academic writing if you’re currently applying for admission to an English graduate program? Yes No

If no, please send a sample of your academic writing with your Writing Program application.

Application packets will be accepted through December 16, 2016.

Incoming MA/PhD English graduate students, print and submit materials to the address below:

Graduate Studies in English (MA/PhD) 452 Bartlett Hall

University of Massachusetts Amherst Amherst, MA 01003

Incoming MFA English graduate students, print and submit materials to the address below:

Graduate Studies in English (MFA) 465 Bartlett Hall

University of Massachusetts Amherst Amherst, MA 01003

Current graduate students in Engish and across departments, print and submit materials to address below:

Writing Program 305 Bartlett Hall

University of Massachusetts Amherst Amherst, MA 01003

Looking forward to reading your application. Rebecca Dingo, Director of the Writing Program


Name UMass Student ID Number (Current students)

Email Address Phone

Current Mailing Address


Department (e.g., English, Communication, etc.) Degree sought: e.g., MA, MFA, MEd, EdD, PhD

The following people will send letters of recommendation on my behalf (please include names and titles):





Writing Sample




Applicant’s Signature Date


Please respond to the following questions in no more than 300 words: What makes a writing teacher effective? How do your experiences as a writer, student, and teacher (or tutor, trainer, or other related position) inform your ideas about teaching?


A student’s first draft for Unit I in the College Writing curriculum is included on the next page. For Unit I, students are asked to work toward the following goals in their essays:

  • to engage in the writing process and thereby gain awareness of writing options & their effects

  • to analyze and discover new insights about influence of context on self

  • to clarify one’s purpose and to develop an essay through description, example, and reflection

  • to craft a voice/style tailored to an immediate audience of classmates

  • to copyedit

Please read the draft, and imagining that the writer were one of your students, write a response to help her revise the draft. You may write comments on the essay itself, but please also write an overall comment at the end of the essay (~1‐2 paragraphs).

Sample Student Draft for Unit 1, Englwrit 112: College Writing
I never thought social context played that big of a roll in my life until I thought about what I love the most. Gender, I found was the biggest social context that shaped who I am today. It made me realize that not all people view things in the same way I might and they have their own opinions and beliefs that may differ from mine.

In my situation, gender influenced people’s outlooks on situations. Many men believe that women shouldn’t be able to play men’s sports or that they aren’t capable of playing at the same level as them. “You can’t do that because you’re not as strong as him” is a common phrase I heard growing up. In reality though, gender is just a characteristic of who you are. It’s something that describes who you are, and makes you different from others.

I have been playing ice hockey my entire life. My brother introduced me to the game when I was about 3 and I have been playing ever since. Since he was older, I always felt like I was being compared to him and had to do as well as he did. The first years were fun and all about learning. No one cared if there was a girl playing on an all guys team because everyone was just out there to have fun and do what they loved doing. Since the town I grew up in didn’t have girl’s hockey I was forced to play on a guy’s team if I wanted to continue skating. This wasn’t a big deal at all until high school when people started looking at you differently and made you feel like you didn’t belong.

During my high school career of hockey, people’s outlook changed. They knew there were girls teams around in the area so they wondered why a girl would still want to play on a guy’s team. When I walked into the rink, everyone’s head’s would turn and make me feel unwelcomed as if I was in the wrong place. I hated the feeling. It was hard to get the motivation to go to hockey knowing that some fans and even teammates didn’t want you to be there.

Things started to change by my sophomore year though. All of a sudden I loved the attention I would get. I loved being “that girl” on an all guys team. It made me feel good knowing I put the negatives aside and pushed through to do what I loved doing. People started saying, “Wow that’s impressive” rather than discouraging my ability. Although, it was still hard at times knowing that some of the kids on the team didn’t think I belonged there, I knew their opinions didn’t matter to me and I was just as good as them.

By my junior year, I switched over to a girls team. At first I hated it and missed my boys’ team. As the time passed, I realized this was the better choice for me. I fit in better because I was just another girl on the team.

Recently I played in a memorial tournament for one of my friends who passed away.

I really wanted to play so I tried my best to get a girls team together. Unfortunately, not enough girls were interested or wanted to play. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to participate which made me feel like I let down my friend who passed. Within that week, my brother’s friends had made a team and asked me if I wanted to join because they knew how bad I wanted to play. I was over excited when I was invited to join their team. It made me feel welcomed and special to know they wanted a girl to play on their team. Of course I knew some of them had their doubts but at the time I didn’t care. The first game, I could feel all the eyes on me. I was the only girl in the tournament which had 15 teams entered to play. All in all it was a great weekend. My team ended up being division champions and that made winning that much sweeter.

My hockey experience made me realize how big of a roll gender plays in my life and without it I wouldn't be who I am today. It has built me to be a stronger person and prove to myself that I can do anything no matter how many people discourage it.


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