Writing plan for the argumentative essay

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  • The goal of this writing plan is to help you structure your essay and to make sure that it includes all the necessary ingredients. The plan is a visual guide that can help you organise your thoughts more clearly.

  • Note that it is a good idea to plan the body of the essay first, then the conclusion and finally the introduction.

  • After you have completed your writing plan, show it to other students in order to get some feedback.


Position (thesis statement):

Arguments (a brief description of your three arguments):

Discourse marker (connecting word):

First argument:

Examples or quotations which prove your argument:

Discourse marker (connecting word):

Second argument:

Examples or quotations which prove your argument:

Discourse marker (connecting word):
Third argument:
Examples or quotations which prove your argument:

Thesis statement:

Summary of your three arguments:

Discourse markers

Discourse markers (connecting words) show the relationship between one word, phrase or sentence and the next. They are very useful for linking your ideas in an argument.
Chronological (words about the order of things)
Cause/effect (words about things which make other things happen)

Example (words to show what a thing is)

Addition (words that add more information)

Opposition (words that flag up a conflict/problem)

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