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In your writing, you may be asked to write a composition on the advantages and disadvantages of subjects such as television, living in the country, and working abroad, use of mobiles…You must organize exactly what you are going to say before you write. Some of the language given below will help you.

  1. Below is a composition on the advantages and disadvantages of living in the country. Fill! each of the numbered blanks with one of the following words or phrases. Try not to use the same expression twice.

Firs of all / Firstly

In a addition / Moreover / Furthermore

So /as a result / Therefore

However / On the other hand / In contrast

In conclusion / To sum up / On the whole

Living in the country is often the secret dream of certain city-dwellers.______________ (1), in reality it has both its advantages and disadvantages.

There are many advantages to living in the country. ____________________(2), one lo much closer to nature and can enjoy more peace and quiet.___________________ (3), life In the country is much slower and people tend to be more open and friendly. A further advantage is that there is much less traffic, and as a result it is much safer place to bring up young children.

___________________ (4), there are certain drawbacks to life outside the city._________________ (5), because there are fewer people, one has a smaller number of friends. __________________ (6), entertainment, particularly in the evening, is difficult to find. Furthermore, the fact that there are fewer shops and services often means that there are fewer employment opportunities.___________________ (7), one may have to travel long distances to work elsewhere, and this can be extremely expensive.

______________________(8), it can be seen that the country is more suitable for some than others___________ (9), it is often the best place for those who are retired or who have young children____________________ (10), young, single people who are following a career and who want some excitement are better provided for by life in the city.

  1. Give each of the four paragraphs one of the following headings: Disadvantages, Advantages, Conclusion, Introduction.

  2. Make a list of all the advantages and all of the disadvantages mentioned in the composition.

  3. The following notes for a composition on the advantages and disadvantages of television are mixed up. Put the notes into two lists - one for advantages, one for disadvantages.

-good company

-bad for the eyes

-can be educational

-stops people from talking to each other

-discourages people from taking exercise


-makes reading seem less attractive

-good for children

-good for old people living alone

-can create problems in the family

-stops people going to theatre, cinema, etc.

-bad for the sports industry

Can you add any more advantages or

disadvantages to these lists?



  1. Read the following notes and write a composition (120—180 words) on one of the titles below.

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of television? (Use the lists in D above to help you.)

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of living abroad?

• Make two lists - one of advantages, one of disadvantages.

• Decide in what order you will mention the points.

• Decide what to say in the introduction.

• Decide what to say in the conclusion.

• Use some of the words and phrases from A above to help join

the parts of your composition.

• Write out the composition in four paragraphs: Introduction,

Advantages, Disadvantages, Conclusion.

The following are some other useful expressions for this type of composition.

one of the advantages/disadvantages of.. . is

there are advantages/disadvantages to...

the (main) advantage/disadvantage of. .. is...

the (main) drawback/problem with . .. is

a further advantage (of)/problem(with) . . . is...

  1. MORE TOPICS: Text messaging / using mobile phones / playing computer action games / competitive sports /

playing online games / arranged marriages /

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