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Peer Review Form for the Argumentative Essay

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This peer review form is derived from the rubric your instructor will use to grade your argumentative essay.  You may print it and use it as a guide to direct your comments about your classmate's essay.  Be sure to address each of the main categories listed on the form.

  • If you are reviewing a printed essay, print this form and attach it to the essay with your comments.

  • If you are reviewing an online essay (through email), then copy and paste into your review as much of this form as needed to clearly structure your comments.







Define the Problem
Thesis Statement

Well developed introductory paragraph contains detailed background information, a clear explanation or definition of the problem, and a thesis statement.

Introductory paragraph contains some background information and states the problem, but does not explain using details. States the thesis of the paper.

Introduction states the thesis but does not adequately explain the background of the problem.  The problem is stated, but lacks detail.

Thesis and/or problem is vague or unclear Background details are a seemingly random collection of information, unclear, or not related to the topic.



Locate these three items in the introductory paragraph:



Body Paragraphs

Three or more main points are well developed with supporting details. Refutation paragraph acknowledges the opposing view, and summarizes their main points.

Three or more main points are present but may lack detail and development in one or two. Refutation paragraph acknowledges the opposing view, but doesn't summarize points.

Three or more main points, but all lack development. Refutation paragraph missing and/or vague.

Less than three main points, with poor development of ideas.  Refutation missing or vague.


Locate these items:

  • refutation paragraph - acknowledges and summarizes the opposing view

  • body paragraphs (3) - each begins with a topic sentence and contains detailed supporting information



Conclusion summarizes the main topics without repeating previous sentences; writer's opinions and suggestions for change are logical and well thought out.

Conclusion summarizes main topics.  Some suggestions for change are evident.

Conclusion summarizes main topics, but is repetitive. No suggestions for change and/or opinions are included.

Conclusion does not adequately summarize the main points. No suggestions for change or opinions are included.


Locate these items:

  • conclusion summarizes the paper's main points

  • suggestions for change are included in conclusion



Source material is smoothly integrated into the text. All sources are accurately documented in the desired format on the Works Cited page.

Source material is used. All sources are accurately documented, but a few are not in the desired format.

Source material is used, but integration may be awkward. All sources are accurately documented, but many are not in the desired format.

Lacks sources and/or sources are not accurately documented. Format is incorrect for all sources.


Locate these items:

  • underline or circle each source referred to in the essay.  Locate each of these sources on the Works Cited page

  • compare the format of the Works Cited page with the example provided at http://glory.gc.maricopa.edu/~mdinchak/101hybrid_new/works_cited.htm  Circle or underline any inconsistencies or incorrect formatting.



Sentence Structure Punctuation & Capitalization

Sentence structure is correct. Punctuation and capitalization are correct.

Sentence structure is generally correct. Some awkward sentences do appear. There are one or two errors in punctuation and/or capitalization.

Work contains structural weaknesses and grammatical errors. There are three or four errors in punctuation and/or capitalization.

Work contains multiple incorrect sentence structures. There are four or more errors in punctuation and/or capitalization.


Comment on the sentence structure, punctuation and capitalization



Comments on the overall essay (what is good, what needs improved): Total ->



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