Write an essay of about 250 words 1 typed double-spaced that answers the essay question below. Use 12 point font, 1”margins, double-space

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Arguing: Essay 1, English 21

Write an essay of about 250 words (1 typed double-spaced that answers the essay question below. Use 12 point font, 1”margins, double-space.
The following paragraph is based on the essay “A Change of Attitude” by Grant Berry
Was Grant Berry’s father a positive role model to him? Why or why not, or was Berry’s father both a positive and negative role model?
Your essay should contain the following elements:

Your Essay Should Include:

  1. An introduction that gives needed background information about the topic and appeals to your audience.

  2. The first thing you need to do is tell about the essay about which you are writing: you need to name the author, the name of the essay, and the genre (essay or article). Do that in one sentence.

  3. At the end of the introduction you need a thesis statement that takes a clear position on the issue. The thesis should include the claim (unifying element) and subtopics.

  4. Clear reasons (subtopics) and sufficient evidence to support the claim in your thesis. This evidence comes from the reading research.

  5. At least one quote from Berry as a detail to back a point you make.

  6. Appropriate organization and paragraphing, including use of a clear thesis and topic sentences for the body paragraphs. The paragraphs should be in a logical order and use transitions to show links between ideas.

  7. A conclusion that provides closure to the essay and considers the implications of the argument.

  8. Consistent, correct use of MLA. Include parenthetical citations and a works cited page.

  9. Observance of the conventions of standard written English.


If you use additional research from the Internet or a book, please bring a copy of the original passage whether it is a quote for a paraphrase. (You probably won’t use additional information for this essay.)
Wednesday, 2-21, Essay Outline is due:
Tentative Outline for Essay 1 Due

Example of outline (make sure you type it). Your outline must be in the form below:

I. Thesis (Make sure it has a claim and at least two subtopics) (full sentence)

II. Topic sentence one for first body paragraph. (full sentence)

A. Example

B. Example

You can have two or more examples. List them. When you are not planning to quote Berry, use two or three words to indicate what happens in Berry’s essay. When you are planning to quote Berry’s exact words, type the full quote when you use the exact words of Berry. You need at least one quote. After each quote, put “Berry” and the page number in a parenthetical, for example:
When I told my dad that I was going back to school, the only encouragement he offered was this: ‘Send me anywhere, but don't send me back to school.’” (Berry 535).

Notice how the quote within the quote gets single quotation marks.

III. Topic sentence one for first body paragraph. (full sentence)

A. Example

B. Example

IV. Write the word “conclusion”

Monday, 2-26, Essay is due for peer editing. Bring in THREE copies.
Monday, 3-5, Essay is due. Staple pages in this order:
The whole paper must be stapled together. If the packet is too big to staple, each part must be stapled and put in a letter-sized manila envelope in the following order:

1. Essay prompt sheet with your name on it. Check the essay prompt that you have chosen.

2. Final draft, including a works cited page in MLA style

3. Outline

4. Peer editing sheets

5. Peer editing drafts

5. Other Rough drafts

6. Any applicable reading notes, etc.

Download 73.66 Kb.

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