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FIRST NAME/S: William Henry
DATES: 1810 - 1880
OCCUPATION: Private Secretary to Chas. Dickens

Journalist and one of the original literary staff of “Punch” for which he was also dramatic critic. He became a sub-editor of the “Daily News” in 1846 under Dickens. He began his personal work for Dickens in 1848 and became assistant editor for “Household Words”. His business capacity was invaluable to Dickens. In 1868 when Dickens was in the USA Wills was injured in a hunting accident and retired. He assisted for many years with the Philanthropic work of Baroness Burdett -Coutts.

REFERENCE: WISFM 2003.35.348.a + b.

Letter+ envelope: dated at Regents Park Terrace 9.5.1859 Good

Thanks CHT for the Quinine prescription sent to him by Mr. Dickens. Hopes it will be the tonic he has sought for, for some time.


WILSON (Christopher North)
DATES: 1785 - 1854
OCCUPATION: Journalist/Critic/Professor of Moral Philosophy at Edinburgh University

Graduate of Glasgow and Magdalene College Ox ford. Bought an estate on Lake Windermere and then lost it for a time. He was called to the bar but had no taste for the law. In 1817 he joined the staff of the new “Blackwoods Magazine”. It was not till 1822 that Wilson found where his real strength lay and began to delight his readers with his Noctes Ambrosianae - a symposium of congenial spirits, chief among whom was the “Etterick Shepherd.” These ran until 1835. The death of Blackwood in 1834 and of his wife in 1838, after which he was never the same again, led to a declining role in the Magazine. He continued in his professorship and held a conspicuous place in Edinburgh society till 1850.

REFERENCE: WISFM 2003.35.349.1

349.2 (FILM 18: 9-10)


1. Letter: dated at Edinburgh 3.2.1830 Good

2. Letter: from Elleray, undated.’Oct/Nov 1829'

added in pencil by CHT Good


1. His room is ready for him but would he write a few days before he leaves Keswick. He will provide him a letter of introduction to Sir Walter Scott which will act like an “open Sesame”? (Illeg) is studying Sanscrit in London. Provides coach and meal times.

2. He discussed CHT’s essay on Wordsworth with Mr. Blackwood who by now would have written to tell him to follow his own plan. It would be better if the periodical contained more compositions of that character than it does. He is returning to Edinburgh and wishes to rent out the house at Elleray. His heart bleeds for Hartley? Coleridge for whom he can see no other than a tragic ending if he comes to Edinburgh and disruption to his own household as well. Mentions good criticisms of CHT’s Essay.


FIRST NAME/S: Christopher
DATES: 1774 - 1846
OCCUPATION: Master of Trinity College, Cambridge and youngest brother to the Poet
NAME OF RECIPIENT: Richard Tooth esq.

Graduated from Trinity College in 1796. In 1805 became domestic chaplain to the archbishop of Canterbury, Sutton-Manners. He had been tutor to his son. When this son became speaker of the House of Commons in 1817 Wordsworth became chaplain. He became Master of Trinity in 1820 and held the position for 21 years. He was a disciplinarian and thus unpopular, and was conservative in his politics.

REFERENCE: WISFM 2003.35.350

Letter: dated at London 6.1.1826 Good

A letter promoting the return of a candidate for the next election. He assumes his recipient will be opposed to the Rt. Hon. Henry Goulburn but would rejoice if this were not the case and that he would instead promote this candidate among his friends.


DATES: 1770 - 1850
OCCUPATION: Poet Laureate
NAME OF RECIPIENT: 1. C. H. Townshend

Born in Cumbria and studied at Cambridge. Walking tour through France and Switzerland in 1790.He Developed Republican sentiments but returned to England at the outset of war in 1793. Discovered his true vocation as a poet exploring the lives of humble folk living in close contact with nature. In 1798 he and Coleridge wrote Lyrical Ballads, the first manifesto of the new Romantic poetry. After me moved to Grassmere and married in1802 he wrote much of his best work the autobiographical Prelude in 1805 and two books of poems in 1807. Critics mark the decline of his powers from this point. He succeeded Southey as poet laureate in 1845.

REFERENCE: WISFM 2003.35.351.1

351.2 (FILM 19: 1-2)


1. Note: undated Good

2. Folded sheet: containing 2 poems. Front: 14 lines, dated 1817 Good

Reverse: 14 lines, signed and dated, October 17th 1818


1. Putting off an already delayed meeting until the following day with apologies.

2. Both poems untitled.

Portfolio VII
1. Handwritten Wheelwright’s account : 1831
2. John Ladyman Signed letter to CHT regarding yew tree veneers: 1832
3. A. AL. Moughee Signed letter to Hassonine Albasooury: 1832
4. J. Ward of Brentford Signed letter to Miss Taylor: 1831
5. Handwritten laundry bill for a gentleman friend of CHT: 1829
6. John Beryman Bricklayer Signed letter to Mr Wigston Bittern : 1845
7. Jerusalem - printed copy of CHT’s poem
8. F. Eilvart Piano dealer? Signed letter to Miss Taylor :1833
9. Mary Langton, daughter of Rev.d Smith, Rector of Slindon, unsigned letter to Mrs T:1833
10. Mrs Birkett handwritten note to Mr & Mrs CHT
11. Jane King Signed letter to her former employer Mrs Townshend: 1832
12. Three riddles in CHT’s own hand
13. Verses: Cousins, in CHT’s own hand (original ? Bayley ? Praed ? )
14. Elizabeth Snelson Signed letter to Edward Jackson, Wisbeach postmark 1851
15. Venables and Company (Drapery and furnishings) Lithographed circular
16. John Gregory ‘Catnach’ printed prose, picture and religious verses: 1813
17. Pericles Raftopoulos 5 stanza’s printed entitled ‘Remember Me’: 1832
18. Napoleonidae; 3 acrostics in CHT’s own hand: 1827
19. Whicchamicus 4 stanza’s on the untimely death of young Lambton Signed: 1830
20. Handbill: C&A Oldridges Balm of Columbia (a hair tonic)

Bound in the Book
21. A letter from the Comte de Cely copied by Miss Coleridge and endorsed by CHT: 1818

22 - 4. Three letters, one to Mr Stephen Stubbs regarding matrimonial advert: 1816
25. Anne Bishop, former servant, signed letter to Mrs Hare Townsend at Busbridge: 1822
26. J. Weller (Chichester) Auctioneer & dealer in puffs Signed letter to HHT: 1817
27. John Denson (Bury St. Edmonds) Signed letter to CHT
28. E. Wallis (Cowes) Signed begging letter to Mrs Townsend, West Cowes
29. G. Chennell - who murdered his father Signed letter to Mr Grinham requesting funds, endorsed by CHT + sketches by CHT of the murderers at their trial:1818
30. Anonymous letter dated from West Walton, July 11th 1820 to the Rev. Atwell Lake, asking for an interview regarding the writer being possessed.
31. James Steavens Drummer in the First Grenadiers (previously a black servant) letter 1828 who is embarrassed by the mother of his bastard who, refusing marriage, is demanding money.
32. J. Ward Signed letter of acceptance to Miss Taylor
33. Mrs Jemima Layton Signed begging letter to Mrs Hare Townsend: 1827
34. Mrs Foulds Begging letter to Mrs Townsend: 1825
35- 38. Samuel Tice Reverend Signed letters to HHT
39. John Carpenter Signed reference regarding James Lancaster to Mrs CHT
40. Unsigned letter to William Bragg: 1812 regarding the particulars of a large oak tree felled near Newport, near Mon.
41. Transcript: Extract from a letter written in 1820 describing Mrs Fry and her daughter at work in Newgate Prison.
42. Eleanor King (Hadleigh) Signed letter: 1824
43. Pseudonymous writer - L’Inconnu letter to CHT 1820
44. Unsigned verses: Parody on “Love among the roses”
45. Faithful Trim Signed letter to Reynard Nelson: 1821
46. Verses : The Pass of Death, unsigned but dated 21st Aug 1827. Tonbridge Wells
47. Verses : The Skylark
48. Verses : Kindred Hearts Initialled J.H.
49. A series of poetical extracts unsigned but dated 19th Oct: 1820

50. Verses : Winter Song by Kirke White but copied by his sister
51. Poems by Derwent Coleridge, second son of Samuel, not in his hand, probably CHT
52. W.S. Walker Signed verses: Ode Suggested by the present Period
53. W.S. Walker Unsigned verse: Songs of Peace endorsed CHT

54. Transcripts of 2 poems by John Hamilton Reynolds, endorsed by CHT - Copied from “P. Cororan’s remains” by Derwent Coleridge
55a. Hand written verse: The First of May, transcribed: From the London Magazine 1750

55b. An account of scientific experiments in the same hand as the above and endorsed in CHT’s hand : by A self taught Genius named Wilkes, West Bromwich near Birmingham.
56. Handwritten “Lines composed by Jereymiah Partridge When passing by West Bromwich Church Yard in the Summer time at 12 O’clock at night.”
57. In the same hand as the above: The Vanity of Riches, from the Greek of Anacreon

58. CHT verses: To W.M.R. aged eighteen Dated 15th October 1825
59. Verses, untitled but dated: Wonersh 1822 and signed T.E. H. CHT has added: From Thomas Hankinson aged 15.
60. Thomas Hankinson verses signed T. E.H. Aug. 12th 1820
61. Handwritten verses: The Beacon
62. Handwritten verse titled Impromptu, to which is added by CHT : by a lady on reading CHT’s poems
63. John Robert Cunningham - an epitaph on a young child
64. On the minus quanities in algebra 1825
65. Willoughby Lake aged 6 - 3 poems in a hand older than the poet
66. Verses: 2 stanzas endorsed from Baily’s Melodies and two others presumably from the same source.
67. Transcript of 4 poems by Byron, the last three in CHT’s hand
68. Untitled verses endorsed in CHT’s hand: By Southey. But not in the poet’s hand.
69. Two prose extracts
70. Rev. Mr. Marriott: A simile Paper w.m. 1825
71. Rachel Fry: 2 eight line stanzas, signed RF, endorsed CHT : Song by Rachel Fry
71a.Signed verses Lionel Lawn-sleeves, Mitre Court, Bishopsgate. Endorsed CHT: by the late Lord Onslow.
71b. Verses the Melton Hunt signed F. Melton Mowbray, March 1816. Endorsed CHT: by Dr Ford, Rector of Melton Mowbray.
72. Verses; The Venison Feast unsigned but dated Aug 1800, and endorsed CHT: Dr Ford. But in a different hand from the preceding.
73. Verses: On the Author of Jerusalem refusing to write on Imperial & Papal Rome, neither signed nor dated but endorsed CHT: By W. Wilkinson of St. John’s, Cambridge. In his own handwriting.
74. Verses: The Pond (from Byron), a transcription in the same hand as 56 (35)
75. Verses; In the manner of Herrick, neither signed nor dated but endorsed CHT:

by C. B. Taylor
76. Verses - untitled, unsigned but dated Dec 15 1800 and endorsed : by Dr Buchanan. The sheet has been folded and addressed to the Rev. Atwell Lake.
77. Verses, untitled, unsigned but endorsed CHT: Altered from Herbert
78. Two verses, the first endorsed CHT By Walter Scott. The second endorsed:From Mrs Opie
79. Emily Taylor signed verses
80. Verses, untitled but endorsed CHT: A Mock Bravura by Robert Southey
81. Hannah Tapfield three signed and dated verses
82. Verses: To Harold by Mr Penn of Stoke Park, Windsor
83. Lines on Pizzarro - attributed to Porson
84. Verses: endorsed CHT : Intended to have been introduced into the Curse of Kehama, by R. Southey. Copied by Miss Coleridge. Paper w.m. 1814
85. Three verses signed JH and CHT has added by John Hanmer, the third dated August 5th 1825
86. Essay on Silence neither signed nor dated
87. Henry Arthur Fellowes ( Trin:Hall, Cambs) unsigned but CHT endorsed verses
88. Verses untitled except for CHT’s addition of: H. Fellowes. Vale. Eton Coll. Dated at the end Eton Coll July 23rd. 1816
89. Verses titled in CHT’s hand: The Watch by H. A. W. Fellowes
90. Verses: Leonora, from the German, by Spencer
91. Prose headed in CHT’s hand: By Charlotte Townsend Obit, 3rd Nov 1824

92. Verses in CHT’s hand.
93. Printed verses Poetical Commentary on Mat xvii, 4, written in Richmond Churchyard, by Herbert Knowles, who died, aged 19, September 17, 1818. (From Memoirs of Mr. W. Richards, of Lynn, by John Evans.)
94. Broadsheet : Lines on the Death of his Majesty George III by Chauncey Hare Townsend Esq. Dated January 1820. (With some alterations reprinted in Poems 1821 as “An Elegy on the Death of the Late King”)
95. Printed verses signed B.H. CHT’s signature on p1 as also that of Fred Hoole, 1819 with endorsement by CHT : By Mrs Hofland. Authoress of Son of a Genius.
96. Printed verses at the top of the first page is the inscription: Mrs Haugh witih the Author’s best respects. Under this is CHT’s signature in full and the endorsement: By Mrs Hofland.
97. Verses copied from unpublished poems by R. Southey
98. Verse endorsed by CHT: Epitaph on John Tayler Esq. By C.B. Tayler
99. Samuel Stubbs (ironmonger from Guildford) unsigned sonnet dated June Ist 1821. Endorsed by CHT
100. Coleridge’s epigram endorsed by CHT: By S.T. Coleridge, copied by Mrs Coleridge
101 Henry Malden (Trin.Coll. Camb.) Unsigned verse but endorsed CHT
Printed verse - The Dying Gladiator.
102. A transcript by CHT ascribed T.H. 1816 and later endorsed as by Thomas Hankinson.
103. Stanza’s endorsed by CHT: By Henry Hare Townsend. Probably in the hand of Mrs HHT
104. Stanza’s endorsed by CHT: By Mrs Hare Townsend. In same hand as the preceeding
105. Endorsed by CHT: 3 Sonnets by Baptist Noel addressed to Julia Noel with a copy of CHT’s poems
106. Riddle in French, with an English translation, endorsed by CHT: By Mr Greenhough. President of the Geological Society
107. Verse endorsed CHT: Greenhough
108. Song endorsed by CHT: by Elizabeth Smith
109. Wolfe signed verses endorsed by CHT: By C. Wolfe of Dublin author of lines on Sir J. Moore
110. Drol Noryb signed verse “A portrait of Lord Byron” probably in the hand of Mrs Hare Townsend
111. Untitled lyric dated Easter day 1826 and endorsed by CHT: By Mrs Hare Townsend. Probably in her hand.
112. Satire to which CHT has appended the name Henry Arthur W. Fellowes
113. Printed Advent Hymn by the Rev. H. H. Milman: cutting from a periodical
114. Moon -verses signed L.E.L. cutting from a periodical
115. Headed by CHT: Copied exactly from M.S. by Kirke White. 4 extracts.
116. Another English translation of the French riddle in 106 in CHT’s hand as is the answer
117. Rev. Gabriel Tahourdin three poems each signed G.T. endorsed by CHT
118. Cut up broadsheet of 2 songs jointly endorsed by CHT : Two political songs by Henry Hare Townsend obit 2nd April 1827
119. A cut up broadsheet: Song written May 19, 1797, on the Extraordinary Proceedings at the Crown and Anchor Tavern, the Preceding Day
120. Three untitled numbered stanza’s.
121. An eulogy of ‘Mr Townsend beautiful published Poem’, endorsed by CHT : From a letter of Mrs Hare
122. Untitled verse dated and signed: Zurick 1817 Southey. Not in the poet’s hand. Endorsed by CHT : Written in the Strangers’ Book, Zurich by R. Southey
123. Ralph Palin Printed prose extract
124. - 141 are written by CHT on the pages of the album
124. The original Edition of Collin’s Ode to Evening
125. To my Mother, with the present of a pocket book. Verse signed CHT aged 12
126. Lines returned by Mrs T - who had also received a present from her daughter
127. To C.B.T. Lines written after a Senate House Examination signed CHT, addressed to his friend C. B. Tayler.
128. Epigram on Mr Shelford the Examiner. Ascribed Wedgewood
129. Two examination anecdotes

130. Riddles
1321. Three riddles each with its answer under a pasted slip and each signed CHT
132. Epigram by Henry Hare Townsend
133. Lines by Henry Hare Townsend, on dropping his wife’s wedding ring into Lake Windermere
135. Anagrams by CHT

136. Verses unascribed “The Georgies”
137. Epigram unascribed “On the trial of le Mercier, the dancing master from Crim Con”
138. Verses unattributed “Grand-Mather Addercook. From the Danish”
139. Sonnet by CBT, obviously Tayler
140. Amelia Opie - stanza’s.
141. Song by A. Opie
142. Three untitled verses in CHT’s hand as in the ascription to Edward M. Fitzgerald.
143. Six stanza’s in CHT’s hand with no attribution.
144. “Charade”; verse endorsed by CHT: by Mrs Townsend and presumably in his wife’s hand
145. L.E.L. nine stanzas signed - probably Miss Landon’s holograph
146. ‘Lines on the prospect of meeting my beloved’ A note is subscribed: Sir / If you think proper to insert these lines in the Lit: Gaz: it will gratify / BJS / Sept 25. 1827 /. Ms. probably given to T by Jerdan
147. T. H. Bayly’s well-known song ‘She never blamed him, never !’, first published 1825, transcribed by CHT without title or attribution.
148. Unsigned and untitled set of verses beginning: Joy - joy is sounding. Written on the reverse of a letter addressed to CHT at Sevenoaks.
149. Unattributed draft of a verse on trimmed reverse of a letter to ‘Dear Sister’
150. ‘On the Lake of Geneva seen from the Jura’ handwritten verse signed T. Moore in the same hand. But these lines do not occur in the 1844 Works and do not appear to be in Moore’s hand.
151. Two riddles and two Charades all in verse, on both sides of a single sheet. Probably by Mrs H.H. Townsend and in her hand.
152. ‘Pounds, Shillings and Pence’; a new sacred melody, verses on reverse of part of a letter cover addressed to CHT at Keswick.
153. Two verses, untitled, unattributed, commencing: When late a simple rustic lass
154. Bayly ? Five stanza’s in the manner of Bayly, commencing This is my eldest daughter Sir! There is some similarity to Bayly’s handwriting and this may be a holograph.
155. Verse, titled “Nobody’s Harry Now” - Verses by a Poser, transcribed by CHT and endorsed. From the Athenaeum. Jan. 1831
156. ‘May 1. 1830' verse signed A.B., on the reverse of a letter cover addressed to CHT at Skiddaw Lodge, Keswick. Not in the same hand as 158.
157. Two facsimile inscriptions mounted opposite a note in CHT’s hand: The rude characters on the opposite page were traced upon a tinder box by a poor boy, who, with several companions, was starved to death in a mine, the earth of which had fallen so as to obstruct the entrance... The following were amongst those taken from the box itself and given to me by the Rev. Legh Richmond, at Cambridge, 1821.
158. Two - pp. Letter, to “My dear Chauncey,” on the subject of satire, signed A.B., undated but probably 1827 when T was engaged on and published The Reigning Vice; A Satyrical Essay. The writer may be the Alexander Blair who is the subject of a silhouette in CHT’s album here. Handwriting not the same as in 156.


The following is a list of autographs found within the CHT collection which he didn’t separate into their own folders

Lady Ada Lovelace


Puttick and Simpson Correspondence

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