Winter If you plan on applying to a Military Academy

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  • Winter

    • Review PSAT and ASVAB interest inventory results with your Guidance Counselor.

    • Plan your senior year schedule.

    • Meet with the Career Development Council Rep to set up a shadowing or career panel experience (sign-up sheet in Guidance).

CDC Rep: Cynthia Dubots (962-4601or

  • Register for the SAT and/or ACT

Registration deadlines and test dates can be found at:

  • Gather information on careers and colleges with help from counselors, teachers, parents, CRC, ect. Student searches can be generated

Family Connection

When you visit the site for the first time:

Email: The user name you use to get into our school computer network. (Not your email address)

Password: School ID #

  • Spring

    • Register to take the SAT and/or ACT at least once by the end of your junior year.

    • Compile a list of colleges that you are interested in and add them to your SAT registration.

    • Begin charting and comparing them.

    • Start scheduling visits to the colleges on your final list. Spring break is a great time to start. Meet with an admissions representative and a financial aid officer to learn what type of aid is available. Ask about application fee waivers.

    • Begin investigating national and local scholarship opportunities.

    • Keep your grades up.

    • Continue to visit colleges.

Senior Year

  • Early Fall

  • Redefine and narrow your final school selection down to 3 to 5 colleges.

  • Visit the Guidance Office to understand the application process.

  • Counselors highly recommend that you complete college applications by the Early Action deadline. Usually November.

  • Solicit any personal recommendations required by college applications.

  • Draft essays for application that require them.

  • Athletes register with the NCAA clearinghouse.

  • Register for SAT and/or ACT.

October 1st of senior year:

  • Create FSA ID# for FAFSA at

  • Go to and file FAFSA

Late Fall

  • Complete applications.

  • Attend Financial Aid Night.

  • Register for the CSS Profile if your prospective colleges require this form.

  • Begin requesting scholarship applications.

  • Great college and financial aid planning web sight.

Keep in mind that colleges look for the following:

  • Challenging coursework

  • A strong GPA, class rank, and SAT or ACT scores.

  • Involvement in extracurricular activities such as clubs, sports, or volunteer work, ect.

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  • Register online for SAT or ACT

    • SAT:

    • ACT:

  • High School CEEB Code 331-490

  • Test Prep for SAT and/or ACT

  • Use PSAT score report to log into Quickstart


  • Kaplan

1-800-KAP-TEST or

  • “Up Your Scores”

Great book to help raise scores


  • Regents Exam Review

  • School Island –


  • NYS Education Dept –

Planning by Career Choice

College Bound:

August before senior year:

  • Begin completing the Common Application at for those schools that accept it.

  • Visit the websites of any schools that do not accept the Common Application and begin filling out application forms.

  • Begin working on your college application essays. For tips on writing good college application essays check out the College Board resources at

  • Schedule campus visits and interviews for any college you’re interested in that you did not visit in the spring. Schedule second visits to colleges that you want to see again. You should try to arrange an overnight stay for second or third visits.

  • If you are planning to pursue a major in the arts, start getting your portfolio or audition ready.

  • Register for to take the SAT or ACT in the fall. It is recommended that you register early. Be prepared to indicate at least four colleges to receive your scores. You will be charged a fee for schools that are added later. Continue to prepare for the SAT.

  • Begin viewing the college representative visitation schedule on Family Connection. Sign up to visit with the representatives of colleges that interest you.



Step 1: Watch the two videos on your Family Connection home page.

Go to:

When you visit the site for the first time:

Email: Enter the user name you use to get into our school computer network. (Not your email address)

Password: School ID #

Step 2: Create a “Common App” account: go to (Do not put teacher emails in the common application web-site, see step 5 for teacher recommendations.)

Step 3: Complete initial Common application tasks:

Complete current or most recent school section

Add at least one college that you plan to apply to.

Read and sign the FERPA release authorization

Step 4: Complete the account matching process in Family Connection. Videos on the home page explain the matching process.

Step 5: Review the college application list in Family Connection.

  • Request teacher recommendations at the bottom of the “colleges I’m applying to” screen in Family Connection.

Military bound: (Enlisted, see page one for military academy process.)


  • Take the ASVAB Exam at Corning Painted Post High School.

  • Meet with Military Recruiters to get information about the branches of the military you are interested in.

    • Air force – (607)481-3418

    • Marine Corps – (607)281-0085

    • US Army – (607)796-5323

    • US Navy – 607-796-5171

    • Coast Guard – (607) 273-7175

    • NY National Guard – 607-739-3264

Career Bound:

  • Contact Workforce NY – Carol English 20 Denison Parkway Corning, NY (607)937-8337 ext. 1128

  • Adecco Staffing-Employment Agency 1 W Market St Suite 401 · (607) 936-3353 Open until 5:30 PM

  • Employment Solutions of Ny Inc-Employment Agency 51 Ferris St · (607) 583-3888

  • Kelly Services, Inc.-Employment Agency 55 Ferris St · (607) 962-4616


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