Why is it important that you include a variety of sentence types in your writing?

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  • Mixin’ it up!

Warm up

Learning Objective:

  • Today I will learn a new sentence pattern. I will be able to create my own sentences following this week’s sentence pattern.
  • This will help me make my writing more efficient and interesting. In addition, by incorporating a variety of sentence types in your essays, you will earn a higher score on your CAHSEE essay! Oh yeah!


  • On the CAHSEE rubric, they look at sentence fluency and variety for EVERY TYPE OF ESSAY?
  • You CANNOT pass the CAHSEE essay without sentence variety?
  • You CANNOT pass the CAHSEE without passing the essay portion?
  • now you know!

What is going on?

  • In order to help you to be effective communicators through written word, I have planned out
  • Every week you will learn and focus on a new sentence structure. Each week, you will write a journal (tomorrow) incorporating the week’s awesome sentence!
  • The more we go over, the more you will use in your writing.
  • In addition, your science teachers will be using the week’s awesome sentence once a day. Try to see if you can find it! Report your findings back to me by copying those sentences on your journal for extra points on your journal that week!


  • Over the next eight weeks, I will be using the terms “sentence structure” and “sentence pattern” interchangeably. They mean the same thing, so don’t get confused!


  • To mix it up…

The basic sentence…

  • SUBJECT + VERB ( . )
  • [My boss] [warned me about being late].
  • While this is a very basic form of a sentence, it still has a place in your writing; however, you need to make sure you “mix it up” by using other types of sentence patterns as well.


  • SUBJECT + VERB ( ; ) SUBJECT + VERB ( . )
  • My boss warned me about being late; he didn’t fire me.
  • ***Notice, the two sentence can be joined with a semicolon because both are closely related. Also, both are separate sentences from each other. They can stand alone by themselves.
  • ***A semicolon can be used in place of a period.

Let’s practice

  • Create five of your own sentences using this week’s awesome sentence!

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