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  • Who Am I ?
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  • Lodz

This was my story and I used the name of my youth

Riva (Ruth Minsky Sender)

I was the landlady, but I was also like Riva’s grandmother

Mrs. Gruber.

I was Riva’s bestfriend and like a brother to her.


I was Riva’s younger brother that was hidden in the root cellar because I had TB.


I managed to take Riva’s name off the list of teenagers to be taken away.

Mr. Berkenwald

This is the way I would show that The Cage is a book in my essay

The Cage (Underline the title)

This is how The Terrible Things, the story about the animals in the clearing, is punctuated.

The Terrible Things (Underline it)

This is using something concrete to explain something that is abstract or difficult to understand.


This is the general term for author’s purpose.


The Cage is this genre.

The Cage is an autobiographical book of true experience.

This is where Mama sent Maya,Chanele and Yankele


Mama sends the older siblings away for this reason.

Mama sends the older siblings away because she is afraid for their safety because they are older.

This is the reason Mama doesn’t take Riva and the younger boys away from Lodz.

Mama feels that the Nazis will not bother a widow with four young children.

The mob surrounds Harry for this reason.

  • Daily Double

The mob believes Harry is a spy for the Nazis.

This is symbolic of Mrs. Gruber severing ties with her Jewish neighbors.

What is chopping down the oak tree?

This is the name of the symbol that the Nazis used.

What is a swastika?

This is the name of the group that searched their ancestry to find out if they had any German blood.

What is the Volksdeutch?

This is the name of the area where the Jews were “locked in”, in the city.

What is the ghetto?

Pesach is the Yiddish name for this holiday.

What is Passover?

This is the Jewish council that oversees the work in neighborhoods that have been fenced in.

What is the Judenrat?

Riva becomes the guardian of her brothers.

What is the way to keep her family together?

The Nazis have promised Shmulek that working hard in the labor camp will guarantee his family more food.

What is the trick the Nazis use to get Shmulek to volunteer to go to the Labor camp?

Memories of Mama and Laibele are still in the house.

Why do Riva, Moishe, and Motele stay in the house in Lodz?

Riva and her brothers create this to keep those living in Lodz going, even though there is no food.

What is the secret library?

They were herded into cattlecars.

How were the Jews transported out of Lodz?

Daily Double- To set up a “daily double” question. Copy and Paste the Daily Double Wordart onto the desired question and answer slides.

  • Daily Double

Final Jeopardy

  • Final Jeopardy

Download 292.5 Kb.

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