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Film Critique -- The purpose of this assignment is to review a sports film of your choosing and relate it to an issue or theme covered in class. View the entire movie, while noting the various psychological topics. You may use the list below as a starting point:
Media and Sport Character Development

Cultural Influences Motivational Influences

Goal Setting Anger, Aggression, Violence

Gender/Racial Bias Team Cohesion

After viewing your film, discuss how your theme is carried throughout the film. You may do this by following one specific character or discussing the film in general. Your paper should be typed, double spaced, and two pages in length.
What your analysis should include:

▪ Introduction to the movie

1. Why you picked it

2. The movie’s basic plot

▪ The psychological theme addressed

▪ Conclusion

The film critique will be due November 7th (week seven).

Film Suggestions:

A League of Their Own

The Flying Scotsman



For the Love of the Game

Raging Bull

Any Given Sunday

Friday Night Lights

Remember the Titans

Bad New Bears


Riding Giants

Bagger Vance

Glory Road


The Blind Side

Hoop Dreams

The Rookie

Blue Chips



Blue Crush

The Hurricane

Saint Ralph

Breaking Away


The Sandlot

Bull Durham



Chariots of Fire

Jerry Maguire

Stand and Deliver

Cinderella Man

The Longest Yard

Through the Fire

Coach Carter

Love and Basketball


Cool Runnings

The Karate Kid

Varsity Blues

The Damned United

Major League

We Are Marshall

Dogtown and Z-Boys

Million Dollar Baby

When We Were Kings

Eight Men Out


The Winning Season

The Express

More Than a Game

Without Limits

Field of Dreams

The Natural

127 Hours

The Fighter

The Program

30 for 30 ESPN Documentaries

Book Review -- Over the course of the term read a book from the provided book list. In your review discuss the following:

Why did you the choose the book?

How does what you read tie into any of the topics we covered in class?

Discuss four concepts you learned from the reading.

How will you put this information to use?
This review should be typed and double-spaced, and 2-3 pages in length. Be prepared to share your journey with the class.

Reading Suggestions:

Lance Armstrong

It's Not About the Bike (Cycling)

Lance Armstrong

Every Second Counts (Cycling)

Larry Bird

On Playing and Coaching the Game I Love (Basketball)

H.G. Bissinger

Friday Night Lights (Football)

Jim Bouton

Ball Four (Baseball)

Dave Dravecky

Comeback (Baseball)

Ken Dryden

The Game (Hockey)

John Feinstein

A Season on the Brink (Basketball)

Darcy Frey

The Last Shot (Basketball)

Lauren Hillenbrand

Seabiscuit (Horse-racing)

James Hirsch

Hurricane (Boxing)

Nick Hornby

Fever Pitch (Soccer)

Phil Jackson

Sacred Hoops (Basketball)

Jon Krakauer

Into Thin Air (Adventure)

Mike Krzyzewski

The Gold Standard (Basketball)

Norman Mailer

The Fight (Boxing)

Chris McDougall

Born to Run (Running)

Ian O'Connor

The Captain (Baseball)

John L. Parker

Once a Runner (Running)

Rick Pitino

Success is a Choice (Basketball)

Aron Ralston

Between a Rock and a Hard Place (Adventure)

Pat Riley

The Winner Within (Basketball)

Cal Ripken

My Turn at Bat (Baseball)

Bob Rotella

Golf is not a Game of Perfect (Golf)

Deion Sanders

Power, Money, and Sex (Football)

Tim Tebow

Through My Eyes (Football)

Rick Telander

Heaven Is a Playground (Basketball)

Joe Torre

The Yankee Years (Baseball)

Kurt Warner

All Things Possible (Football)

John Wooden

They Call Me Coach (Basketball)

Earl Woods

Start Something, Training a Tiger (Golf)

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