What is wonderful about a great text is that it can transform the person who experiences it

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Module B: Cosi
1. “What is wonderful about a great text is that it can transform the person who experiences it.”

Referring closely to your prescribed text, discuss how the composer can transform our understanding of the human condition.

2. In what ways does the sense of character develop the ideas explored in your prescribed text?
3. How do the language and form of a text affect the ways that ideas are communicated and audiences respond? In your answer you should refer closely to your prescribed text.
4. You have been asked to interview Lewis for the university newspaper. Write a feature article exploring how Lewis successfully directs the play.
5. Lewis grows from his interaction with the cast. How does the relationship with at least TWO characters in the play assist Lewis’ personal growth?
6. How does this extract from Cosi introduce us to the important ideas in Nowra’s play? In your response refer in detail to your prescribed text. (2010)
7. Cosi is shaped by the decisions of significant characters.

Select one significant character in the play and explore the impact of their choices and actions. (2009)

8. Distinctive ideas are at the heart of every play. In your view, what is a distinctive idea explored in Cosi? Explain how this idea is developed throughout the play. (2007)
9. In what ways does the playwright draw you into the world of the play?

In your response make detailed reference to your prescribed text. (2006)

10. Identify a key scene in your prescribed text.

Analyse the ways in which this key scene reflects both the ideas and characteristics of the text as a whole. Present your analysis in ONE of the following forms:

(a) a speech at an HSC Study Day


(b) a contribution to an online HSC Resources site. (2005)

11. On the basis of the distinctive features of your prescribed text, argue for its inclusion in the ‘Top Drama’ list. (2004)
12. What aspects of your prescribed text had the greatest impact on you?

In your response you should reflect on both the ideas and dramatic techniques used in

the prescribed text you have studied. (2003)

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