What do you think are some differences between high school and college?

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  1. What do you think are some differences between high school and college?

  2. Identify 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses as a learner.

  3. What is your plan if you do not understand the content in your course?

  4. What do you think went wrong if you get to a test that you thought you studied enough for and do not know many of the answers to the test questions?

  5. What are some ways you can take more ownership of your learning process in college?

  1. Some differences between high school and college include the quality of the food, as the food in my college is much higher budget than the ones back in the high school. Another key difference is the sense of commitment, as college has far more prep and money behind it than high school does. For a third difference, college work is far more labor intensive than high school work ever was.

  2. As a learner, my strengths are paying attention to the teacher and asking questions when prompted. A second strength would be a strong work ethic in class, as well as out of class for my third strength. As for weaknesses, I require some sort of long-term goal when it comes to learning, if I don’t know why I’m learning it, I have less motivation. Some sort of grade or practical application is all I need. I also can’t work miracles with having a disinterested teacher, as minimum effort from the teacher doesn’t quite anything more than the minimum effort from the student. For a third weakness, I’m not terribly fond of “filler work”, or having to get a certain number of questions correct in order to complete an assignment.

  3. If I don’t understand the content in this course, I will seek out several avenues for assistance. Among these avenues, I can see the teacher during her office hours, which are visible on Blackboard and Learner Dashboard. Another avenue I can take with this would be reporting to the third floor of Heritage Hall, which is where student tutoring takes place.

  4. I think that something must’ve gone terribly, terribly wrong beforehand. I may have overestimated how long or how potent my studying was beforehand. I would also have to consider how much homework I left uncompleted, If any. Thirdly, there could be my attendance and presence in class to consider.

  5. I can “take ownership” of my college learning process in several ways, one of which being tutoring. It’s completely optional, helpful and can be added or removed from your schedule as need be. There is also the option to add or drop classes whenever a new semester starts.

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