Weddings & Events by Jess Jessica Griffin, Owner/Certified Wedding

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Weddings & Events by Jess

Jessica Griffin, Owner/Certified Wedding & Event Planner

Email: (C) 717-818-7273


A note from Jess…

Hello and welcome to having your wedding or event planned by Weddings & Events by Jess!!! My mission is to plan your event and have you along for the ride the entire way. I want to make your event memorable to all that attend and have your event talked about for months to follow. I will do my utmost best to strive towards perfection and have your event off with a bang! So, let’s get your event planned!!!
About Weddings & Events by Jess…..

Jessica Griffin’s passion for planning started when she first planned a friend’s wedding from her church. She is a certified Wedding and Event planner from Lovegevity University. Jessica has been recognized to be a dedicated and hard-working individual who goes above and beyond the moon to accomplish what she sets her mind to. Her passion for helping people is instilled in her heart and she does not like to disappoint her clients. Not only does this come reputation come from a planning standpoint, but also by surgeons that she has worked with for over her 14 years in the medical field as a Surgical Technologist. In Jessica’s spare time, her hobbies consist of animal-still photography, culinary arts, and floral arrangements. Jessica’s goal for her company is to make her clients’ dreams possible and reachable. One way Weddings & Events by Jess is different compared to other planners is her love for communication. She has put in all of her wedding and event packages unlimited contact with her clients. Clients should not be limited to how many times they are able to notify or communicate with their planners for their special day!

Weddings & Events by Jess

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