We stayed home because the weather was cold

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  1. We stayed home because the weather was cold.

  2. Most people begin to jog because they hear jogging is a good exercise.

  3. People like to live in this country because its climate is healthy.

  4. Because a computer can be used for various purposes, it becomes very popular nowadays.

  5. Stacey retired in 1987, partly because she was ill.

  6. We were late for the meeting because the traffic was heavy.

  7. Harry had to stay in hospital because his leg was broken.

  8. Because our leader couldn’t attend the meeting, it was canceled.

  9. The young couple decided not to buy the house because its condition was dilapidated.

  10. Because I always enjoyed mathematics in high school, I decided to major in it in college.


  1. Jim had to give up jogging because of his sprained ankle severely.

  2. The water in most rivers is unsafe to drink because of its pollution.

  3. We had to stay in London an extra day because of foggy weather at the airport.

  4. Bill has to do all of the cooking and cleaning because of his wife’s illness.

  5. We all have received the best of everything because of the generosity of our parents.

  6. I couldn’t get to sleep last night because of the noise in the next apartment.

  7. John has to sit in the front row in class because of his poor eyesight.

  8. We stopped our car because of the traffic lights turning red.

  9. She couldn’t see the road because of the height of the wall.

  10. We postponed our trip because the bad of driving conditions.

  11. Sarah will not walk across a bridge because of her fear of heights.

  12. Mark’s doctor has advised him to exercise regularly because of his overweight.

  13. Piranhas can devour an entire cow in several minutes because of their extremely sharp teeth.

  14. Most students couldn’t do the final exam because of its extreme difficulty.

  15. John succeeded in his exam because of his hard and methodical work.


  1. I enjoyed the film in spite of its silly story.

  2. Despite living in the same street, we hardly ever see each other.

  3. Although my foot was injured, I managed to walk to the nearest village.

  4. In spite of their very little money, they are happy.

  5. I got very wet in the rain even though I had an umbrella.

  6. I couldn’t sleep despite being tired.

  7. He liked the sweater though he decided not to buy it.

  8. I didn’t get the job in spite of having all the necessary qualifications.

  9. Although Nick used to smoke, he seems to be in good health.

  10. Even though I had turned on the air conditioner, it was still hot in the room.

  11. Laura wants to fly in spite of the fact that she feels afraid.

  12. Trevor didn’t notice the sign even though it was right in front of him.

  13. I’m no better despite the fact that I’ve taken the pills.

  14. Matthew doesn’t know any French though it was one of his school subjects.


  1. Mr. Pike doesn’t wear glasses despite his age of sixty.

  2. Despite having much experience in machinery, he didn’t succeed in repairing this machine.

  3. Despite getting dark, they continued to work.

  4. Despite the noise, I kept on studying.

  5. Despite raining heavily, we went to school on time.

  6. Despite his strength, I’m not afraid of him.

  7. Everybody has great regard for him despite his poor.

  8. Despite not finishing the paper, he went to sleep.

  9. Despite being absent frequently, he managed to pass the test.

  10. He didn’t stop his car despite the traffic light turning red.


  1. No matter how rich they are, they aren’t happy.

  2. My room is small however I’d rather have a room of my own.

  3. No matter how good his job was, he was not satisfied.

  4. Whatever job you do, you should do it devotedly.

  5. Whoever gains the most points wins the competition.

  6. Whatever kinds of exercise he had taken, he got fatter and fatter.

  7. No matter where he lived, he always thought of his homeland.

  8. My roof leaks whenever it rains.

  9. No matter what he says, don’t trust him.

  10. Whatever difficulties you encounter, you should study hard

  11. No matter how intelligent she is, she can’t answer my question.

  12. He behaved very badly, she, however, would still love him.

  13. Whatever nonsense the papers print, some people always believe it.

  14. No matter where he has gone, I’ll find him.

  15. Phone me when you arrive, however late it is.

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