Water and Global Responsibility stem unit lp19 Photo Essay Lesson Plan 19: Photo Essay

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Water and Global Responsibility STEM Unit LP19_Photo Essay

Lesson Plan 19: Photo Essay

In this lesson students learn to create stories from images as they look at the way they use water each day. By using photos taken by youth in Haiti as an example, they also learn how people in Haiti interact with water, and the power of images to tell a story.

Background Knowledge:

  • This lesson should be done after completing the lesson on Taking Photographs

  • Students should have an understanding of how to create a PowerPoint Presentation and how to transfer photos from their camera to the computer.

Time Required: The lesson requires multiple class periods:

  • 2 hrs: Session on storyboarding

  • 2 hrs: Time to work with small groups. This time can be spread out over multiple class periods.

  • 2 hrs: Film Festival. Sharing the PowerPoint presentations that each group has created.

Grade Level: Grades 5 and 6
Subject Area: Language Arts, Social Studies, and Art
Key Words: Storyboarding
Alberta Curriculum Links: See curriculum link table
Lesson Plan 19: Photo Essay 6 hrs

Learning Expectations

  1. Compare how water is used in Canada and Haiti.

  2. Demonstrate how images can be used to tell stories about water.

  3. Use technology to create water stories.



  • Book time in computer lab if necessary.

Introduction 30 minutes

  1. Explain to student that they are going to see some photos from youth in Haiti about how they use water.

  2. While watching the photos ask them to think about the following questions:

  • If the person or object in this story could speak what would they tell you?

  • What has a voice? And what is the voice saying in each image?

  • What does the image tell you about how people use water in Haiti?

  1. Stop to discuss some of the photos as you go through them, and at the end ask students to summarize what the photos tell them about how water is used in Haiti.

Download 230.5 Kb.

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