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301 West Orange Street

Lititz, PA 17543

(717) 626-3700


2016-2017 School Year

Dr. Ryan J. Axe High School Principal

Mr. Sydnor W. Harrison Assistant High School Principal

Mrs. Kristina L. Szobocsan Assistant High School Principal

Mr. Steven R. Szobocsan Assistant High School Principal

(717) 626-3745
Mrs. Tiffany Miller

Mrs. Jody Mateyak

Mrs. Beth Midgett

Mr. Daniel Potts


(717) 626-3810

Mr. Shane Martin Counselor for students grade 7

Ms. Marianne Aichele Counselor for students grade 8

2016-2017 Curriculum Guide

Table of Contents














Introduction to Agricultural Studies 11

Introduction to Natural Resources 11

Animal Science 11

Forestry 11

Plant Science and Horticulture 11

Small Animals and Horses 12

Wildlife Management I 12

Wildlife Management II 12

ART 12

Essentials of Art 12

Foundations of Drawing 12

Foundations of Painting 13

Foundations of Printmaking 13

Art 2 13

Art 3 13

Art 4 13

AP Studio Art 13

Art History Prehistoric -Post Modern 14

Textiles 14

Ceramics I 14

Ceramics II 14

Fine Art Metals 14


Business Dynamics and Career Exploration 14

Small Business Ownership 15

Business Administration & Management 15

International Business 15

The Law and You 15

Paralegal Studies 15

Medical Records & Health Informational Tech 16

Hospitality and Tourism Marketing 16
Sports and Entertainment Marketing 16

Accounting I 16

Accounting II 17

Honors Accounting 17

* NCAA Approved 1 credit courses

** NCAA Approved .5 credit course

College and Career Readiness Skills 17

Microsoft Office Word/Excel 17
Microsoft Office PowerPoint/Access 17

Microsoft Office Advanced Word/Excel 18

Social Networking using Multimedia 18

Personal Money Management 18

Keys to Success 18
Health 19

**Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology 19

Physical Education 9 19

Physical Education 10/11/12 Electives 19


Tools for Healthy Living 20

Enhanced Culinary Arts I 21

Culinary Arts II 21

Teaching of the Preschool Child 21

Contemporary Fashions I 22

Child Development 21
Choices 22

Housing and Interior Design 22


English 9 22

*Honors English 9 23
*College Prep English 9 22
English 10 23
*Honors English 10 23
*College Prep English 10 23

English 11 23

*Honors English 11 24
*College Prep English 11 25

Keystones English 11 24

English 12 24

*AP English 12 24

*Honors English 12 25

*College Prep English 12 25

**Speech 1 25
**Speech 2 25

**Creative Writing 25

Drama 26

**Journalism I 26

Journalism II 26
Writing Skills 25

**Honors Composition 26

Broadcasting & Video Production I 26

Broadcasting & Video Production II 27

Broadcasting & Video Production III 27

English 100 27

English 101 27

English 200 27

English 201 28

English 300 28


*French I 28

*French II 28

*French III 28

*Honors French IV 29

*AP French 29

*German I 29

*German II 29

*German III 29

*Honors German IV 30

*AP German 30

*Spanish I 30

*Spanish II 30

*Spanish III 30

*Honors Spanish IV 31

*AP Spanish 31


**Algebra IA 32

**Algebra IB 32

Algebra IIA 33

**AP Computer Science 36

**College Prep Algebra IB 32 *Honors Algebra II 33

*College Prep Algebra II 33

Algebra II 33

*College Prep Algebra III/Trigonometry 34
Algebra III/Trigonometry 34

*Honors Geometry 34

*College Prep Geometry 34

Keystone Geometry 36

**Probability and Statistics 35

*AP Probability and Statistics 35

*Honors Pre-Calculus/ Trigonometry 35

*Honors Calculus 35

*AP Calculus AB 35

*AP Calculus BC 36

Internet Programming I 36
Internet Programming II 36
Structured Computer Programming I 36
**Structured Computer Programming II 36


Music Performance 37

Band 37

Concert Choir 37

Orchestra 38

Music Theory I 38

Music Theory II 38

History & Study of Vocal Music I 38

History & study of Vocal Music II 38

Music Technology Applications 38

*NCAA Approved 1 credit courses

**NCAA Approved .5 credit courses


Earth Science 39

**College Prep Oceanography 39

College Prep Our Dynamic Earth 39

**Honors Meteorology 39

**Honors Astronomy 39

Biology 39

*College Prep Biology 40

*Honors Biology 40

Keystone Biology 41

**Honors Genetics 40

**Honors Chemistry 41

*College Prep Chemistry 41

Chemistry 41

*College Prep Physics I 42

**Honors Physics II 42

*Honors Physics 42

*Honors Chemistry II 41

**Honors Organic Chemistry 41

*Design Engineering 42


Advanced Seminar 43

Honors Seminar 43

U.S. History II 44
*Honors U.S. History II 44
*College Prep U.S. History II 44
*Social Problems 47

*Honors World History 44

*College Prep World History 45
World History 45
*AP World History 45
Civics and Government 45

*Honors Civics and Government 45

*College Prep Civics and Government 46

*AP US History 46

*AP U.S. Government and Politics 47

Practical Economics 47

*World Geography 47

**Anthropology 48

**Sociology 48

**Practical Psychology 48


Communication Technology 48

Architectural Structures 49

Architectural Design 49

Engineering Drawing 49

Photography I 49

Photography II 49

Graphic Communications I 50

Graphic Communications II 50 Power/Transportation Technology 52

Electricity/Electronics I 50
Electricity/Electronics II 50
Energy, Power &Transportation I 50 71

Energy, Power &Transportation II 51

Manufacturing/Construction Technology 52
Wood Manufacturing I 51
Wood Manufacturing II 51

Wood Manufacturing III 51

Metal Manufacturing I 51

Metal Manufacturing II 52

Metal Manufacturing III 52

*Design Engineering 52



Some courses include lab fees. Lab fees will not prevent a student from signing up for a course.

A Message for our Warwick Students and Families

Our curriculum guide is designed to provide information to students about courses offered at Warwick High School. Our goal is to give all stakeholders a clear picture of the courses so students have opportunities for success in the high school, and ultimately in their lives beyond high school.
We encourage families to review and discuss the options and choices in the curriculum guide based on the student’s goals and aspirations. If there are any questions, please encourage your student to see his/her counselor. Families are also welcome to call if they have questions. We want to work together for student success.
Here are some reminders about scheduling classes. We need students to choose a number of elective options because even though we offer a lot of courses, there is no guarantee that a student will get his/her first choice. This can occur due to a schedule conflict, number of students who choose a course, or the number of courses offered. Once student schedules are created and distributed, changes will only be made if they are approved. After seven school days, schedule changes will not be considered and if classes are dropped after that date the student will receive a withdraw/fail for that course.
We want to thank all of our families for the support of our school. Our staff is looking forward to working with our students for the upcoming school year.


Dr. Ryan J. Axe

Warwick High School

In collaboration with the community, the mission of the Warwick School District is to enable all students to acquire the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to become responsible, productive, and resourceful citizens.

Career Awareness, Development, and Exploration Opportunities
High School Grades 9-12

•Students in grade 9 work on career awareness activities within the Naviance website.

•Students in grade 10 will complete additional career awareness activities within the Naviance website
and they will be introduced to additional components of this site.

•Students in grade 10 are introduced to the Lancaster Career and Technology Center offerings and are

encouraged to tour the Brownstown Campus.

•Students in grades 10 and 11 are given the opportunity to tour post-secondary schools in the spring.

•Students in grade 11 are encouraged to attend a tour of the Lancaster County Career and Technology

•Students in grades 11 and 12 are encouraged to attend college representative meetings in the counseling office.

office, attend college fairs, and open houses.

•Students in grades 11 and 12 are invited on a field trip to the Lancaster Campus of HACC

Academic High School Timeline by Grade Level
Grade 9

  • Meet with your counselor and review course levels and elective choices.

  • February: Parent/Student course selection time.

  • Turn in course selection sheet by the due date.

Grade 10

  • Meet with your counselor and review course levels and elective choices.

  • Register for PSAT in the counseling office. Visit http://www.collegeboard.com for additional information.

  • October: PSAT Testing.

  • November: Tours of the Lancaster CTCs cluster programs available.

  • February: Parent/Student course selection time.

  • Turn in course selection sheet by the due date.

  • Tours of some local technical schools, colleges, and universities available.

Grade 11


  • Meet with college representatives in the counseling office.


  • Register for PSAT in the counseling office. Visit http://www.collegeboard.com for more information.


  • PSAT Testing.

  • Tours of the Lancaster Campus of HACC available.


  • Tours of the Lancaster CTC’s full day programs available.


  • Receive results of PSATs and review areas of strengths and weaknesses.

  • Develop a plan to take SATs and/or ACTs.


  • Parent/Student course selection time.

  • Complete course selection contract.

  • Register for a spring SAT (visit http://www.collegeboard.com to register) or ACT (visit http://www.act.org to register).


  • Register for Advanced Placement exams.


  • Attend College Night at Warwick High School


  • Meet with your counselor to discuss post-secondary plans and to review your transcript.

  • Take Advanced Placement tests if applicable.

  • Begin to visit colleges on your list.


  • Take SAT Subject tests if necessary.

Grade 12


  • Meet with college representatives in the counseling office.

  • Review the Senior Bulletin for scholarship information and reminders.


  • Register for the SAT, SAT Subject tests, or ACT if necessary.


  • Begin the college application process- apply on-line to schools.

  • Begin to secure letters of recommendation.

  • Complete “Transcript Request” forms when you need a transcript sent.

  • Complete the necessary information in Naviance required for college applications.


  • Take SAT/ACT if necessary and have scores sent directly from college board to colleges on your

  • If applying Early Decision, send in your application now.

  • Sign up to tour the Lancaster Campus of HACC if interested.

  • Attend Conestoga Valley’s College Night.

  • Register for the ASVAB test in the counseling office if interested in the military.

  • Be aware of college specific deadlines for admission.

  • Apply for federal and state financial aid (http://www.fafsa.ed.gov) or attend FAFSA workshop at Warwick High School.


  • Attend the Open Houses of colleges on your list or schedule a visit.

  • Take the ASVAB test in the counseling office.


  • Complete a “Transcript Request” form if you need mid-year grades sent.

  • Be aware of college specific deadlines for admission.


  • Monitor your applications.


  • Register for Advanced Placement exams.


  • Take Advanced Placement tests if applicable

By May 1:

  • Send in tuition deposit.

  • Notify other colleges that offered admission that you have selected another college.


  • Complete a “Transcript Request” form to have final transcripts sent to your college.

The Warwick School District requires a minimum of 22.0 credits for graduation. (See School Board policy 217). The 22.0 credits to be earned must include the following:
Grades: 9-12

English: Required – English 9, English 10, English 11, English 12 (any level) 4.0 credits

Mathematics 3.0 credits

Social Studies: US History 2, World History, Civics & Government (any level) 3.0 credits

Science: Biology, 2 additional credits (any level) 3.0 credits

Physical Education 1.5 credits

Health 0.5 credits

Electives 7.0 credits

TOTAL 22.0 credits

Please note the following:

• Biology must be completed by the end of 9th grade.

• Students enrolled in an approved ½ day 11th grade CTC program will have .5 physical education credits waived.
With the approval of the proposed Chapter 4 Academic Standards and Assessment

regulations by the Pennsylvania Legislature, graduation requirements for students attending

Warwick High School include:

1. Complete the presecribed course/credit requirements as set forth above.

2. Successful completion and compliance with current state testing expectations and standards.
Graduation Information

The high school principal will determine a student's eligibility for a diploma from Warwick High

School and certify that the student has met all requirements. Only students who have met all of the

graduation requirements as per Board Policy 217 will be eligible to participate in the commencement

Promotion Standards

In order for students to be promoted to the next grade level homeroom and to be members of

a specific class (Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors), they must have earned the minimum number of credits outlined below.

These minimum credit standards are:

Grade Level MinimumTotal Credits

10 4.5

11 10

12 15

Early Graduation

Students must apply and be approved for early graduation. Before early graduation is granted, the student must secure the approval of his/her parent(s)/guardian(s), school counselor, and high school principal. Detailed information pertaining to early graduation is available from the counseling office.

Policies and Procedures

End of Semester/Year Course Failures

Students who fail a course required for graduation will need to meet with their school counselor in order to develop a plan for course completion. This plan may include retaking the course through Warwick online options. Further, this plan may include rescheduling the course for the next school year if the course is available. Elective courses will be dropped if necessary to accommodate the rescheduling of failed courses. Students must receive pre-approval for credit recovery courses by their high school counselor before enrolling.

Repeating a Course

Students may request to repeat a course for grade improvement. Students doing so will retain both the new course grade and the original course grade. All attempted credits are documented, but only the grade from the second attempt will be calculated in the grade point average and given credit.

Report Cards

Marking period report cards will available online approximately 2 weeks after each marking period unless a student’s family requests a printed report card be made available. Final report cards are mailed home over the summer once all Keystone exam grades are received from the state.

Grading Scale

The following are the numerical values given each letter grade for honor roll and class rank:

Grade 9-12

A+= 4.0 A= 4.0 A-= 3.67

B+= 3.33 B= 3.0 B-= 2.67

C+= 2.33 C= 2.0 C-= 1.67

D+= 1.33 D= 1.0 D-= 0.67

* All Honors level courses will receive a 1.1 weight.
* All AP courses will receive a 1.2 weight.

The following grading system will be used to determine report card grades:

A+= 100-97 A= 96-93 A-= 92-90

B+= 89-87 B= 86-83 B-= 82-80

C+= 79-77 C= 76-73 C-= 72-70

D+= 69-67 D= 66-63 D-= 62-60

Class Rank

Class rank is computed on the basis of grades earned in all subjects taken in grades 9 through 12

for which credit is granted. Courses from other educational institutions will not be counted toward a Warwick High School GPA or class rank. Please refer to the notation above concerning the weighting of AP and Honors courses. Only students who have completed 6 semesters at WHS will be included in class rank.
Transcript Requests

Students needing to submit transcripts are required to complete a transcript request form. Transcripts uploaded electronically do not have a fee, however, transcripts needing to be mailed cost $1.00. Please allow 10 school days for transcript requests to be processed and mailed.

NCAA Academic-Eligibility Requirements

Student-athletes interested in participating in collegiate athletic team competition, especially at a Division I and Division II college, should see the curriculum guide table of contents for a list of NCAA approved courses. Along with posting minimum score requirements in either the SAT I or the ACT College entrance exam, a student-athlete will need to carry a minimum core course grade point average (Core Course GPA) upon graduation from Warwick High School of at least a 2.3. This Core Course GPA is calculated by the NCAA Clearinghouse office by using the best course grades from NCAA established core course requirements from the list of Approved Core Courses. Sixteen (16) specified core course credits must be completed for those student-athletes interested in Division I or II competition. For Division I, credits have to be completed before the seventh semester. As the following year’s program of study is selected, potential collegiate student-athletes should be aware of the NCAA academic eligibility requirements which pertain specifically to Division I and Division II athletic participation. Division III colleges are not held to the academic guidelines of the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Center. Student-athletes should review the material at www.eligibilitycenter.org to update themselves on recent changes to the NCAA policy. Student-athletes

can pick up a recent copy of the Guide for the College Bound Student Athlete in the counseling office or the athletic director’s office. This is an excellent tool to help plan your high school curriculum so that you meet all the NCAA-Eligibility Guidelines. It is the student-athlete’s responsibility to be aware of NCAA Academic-Eligibility requirements. Visit: www.eligibilitycenter.org.

Course Selection Information
Criteria for Selecting Courses

Academic and career decisions should be reached only after such factors as abilities, aptitudes, teacher recommendations, interests and personality of the student have been considered. Students and parents are encouraged to utilize school counselors, and their resources, including Naviance for the collection of ideas and data to be used during the decision making process. Information regarding educational and occupational opportunities is available to high school students and parents in the high school counseling office. Some of the opportunities include: Armed Forces, Business Schools, Career Schools, Apprentice Training, Colleges, Community Colleges, Schools of Nursing, Technical and Trade Schools and Universities.

Course Selection Guidelines

To select courses for the next academic year, students complete a course selection contract

which parents and students sign. Please refer to the list of elective courses provided. Course descriptions throughout this manual may also be helpful in the decision making process. Students failing to return the contract by the due date will be scheduled into courses selected by their counselors.
Students are reminded to seriously consider each course they select for the following school year.

Students make a commitment to take the courses they choose. Based upon course request information,

the administration builds the master schedule. This schedule reflects the interests of the students. Course

sections are determined by the initial requests and teacher availability. Adjustments are made to reduce

scheduling conflicts and to help students to take as many of their selected courses as possible. The objective is to fulfill as many students’ course requests as possible. It is not the purpose of this master schedule process to accommodate course change requests after the initial sign-up period. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that careful consideration to course selection be given during the initial sign-up phase of the process.

Keeping Track of Credits/ Scope and Sequence

While the school counselor keeps track of students’ credits required to graduate from Warwick High School, it is the responsibility of the student and parent to make sure that the student is meeting the requirements of the particular post-secondary institution that the individual student is interested in attending.

List of Opportunities at the High School
Advanced Credit

Pre-approval for advanced credits must be obtained from the Counseling Office. With prior approval, students may take up to 3 advanced credits. The only courses accepted for advanced credit are college level courses taken through a WHS dual enrollment partner accredited college or university or advanced credit WVA courses. High school schedules will be adjusted to accommodate scheduling advanced credit courses within the parameters of the master schedule. Advanced credit courses will not be included in GPA or class rank.

Dual Enrollment

With preapproval from the Counseling Office, a junior or senior student may take up to three college courses on a part-time basis while also attending Warwick High School. In addition to being academically eligible, the student is required to meet the entrance requirements of the college or university and pay all costs associated with college enrollment including registration, tuition, dues, fees, textbooks and transportation. High school schedules will be adjusted to accommodate scheduling college courses within the parameters of the master schedule. College courses will not be included in GPA or class rank calculations. Contact the Counseling Office for eligible participating colleges and universities.

AP Courses

AP Biology AP Probablity & Statistics

AP Calculus AB AP Spanish

AP Calculus BC AP Studio/Art

AP Computer Science AP US Gov & Politics

AP English Literature and Composition AP US History

AP French AP World History

AP German

Honors Courses

Honors Accounting Honors Algebra II

Honors Genetics Honors Geometry

Honors Biology Honors German IV

Honors Calculus Honors Genetics

Honors Civics and Government Honors Physics

Honors Chemistry Honors Physics II

Honors Chemistry II Honors Pre-Calculus/Trig

Honors Composition Honors Organic Chem

Honors English 9 Honors Seminar

Honors English 10 Honors Spanish IV

Honors English 11 Honors US History II

Honors English 12 Honors World History

Honors French IV

Community Service Program - .5 credit

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