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  • Sharon Elin Revised 2009

After you’ve gathered your sources for research, use an online site to format citations correctly!

  • A good site to use is:
  • easybib.com


  • Free access (using MLA style).
  • Saves your list to finish later.
  • Formats an entire Works Cited page without cutting and pasting each entry.
  • Automatically alphabetizes and formats entries, using correct indents, typestyle, and line spacing.
  • Finished page may be saved as a Word document for editing.

Is easybib.com foolproof? Absolutely NOT!

  • Errors are possible if:
  • You’re missing any required information about your sources
  • You do not capitalize correctly or make careless typos or spelling errors
  • Proofreading is always crucial!
  • Easybib.com will lead you through the steps to create a completed works cited page.
  • Click here to start
  • Choose “Web Site” if your source is an internet site
  • Easybib.com provides a blank template that prompts you for the correct information.
  • If you are unable to find some of the information after looking for it, leave those boxes blank.
  • Title of article (page title)
  • Name of web site (home page)
  • Web page address “http://www” (etc. )
  • Click “Next” when finished.
  • Sponsor or corporation

For books, easybib provides an ISBN feature for easy citations

  • Enter the ISBN number from the back of the book (ignore the dashes)
  • Info about the book drops into place when you click “Autocite”
  • 0130417173

To add your next citation, click here:

  • Easybib alphabetizes each new citation in a growing list. Punctuation and formatting are automatic.
  • Click this button to add a new citation
  • Citation #1
  • Citation #2
  • Citation #3
  • Citation #4
  • Citation #5
  • Citation #6
  • Your most recently entered citation is highlighted.

Want to save it to finish it later?

Want to save it for later?

To create an account…

  • First, register at home with an email address. Easybib will email you a confirmation
  • After you register, log in with your email address & password
  • After you create a free account with easybib, you can find your list by clicking here.
  • If you don’t finish...

Ready to make a final copy?

When you are done, easybib will create a Word document for you.

Allow the download

  • Select “Open”
  • This file is “read-only.” It needs to be saved as a Word document.
  • There are no toolbars for editing.
  • Click “File” and select “Save As…”
  • Click the drop-down arrow to select the destination.
  • Not yet!
  • Next, we’ll change these.
  • Change the filename to a logical title
  • Not yet!
  • One more step before saving…
  • Click the drop-down arrow and scroll through the choices to find (*.doc).
  • Change the type of file to “Word Document (*.doc)”
  • Important! Change the type of file from Rich Text to a Word document.

Change the View to “Print Layout”

  • Presto! A completed bibliography!
  • You can make final changes or corrections if necessary.

Download 2.44 Mb.

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