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Resposta: III

After listening

6 The organization Mission Hope for Kids, for which Trajan works as a volunteer, helps “underprivileged students”. What do you understand by this expression?

Poor students or students who, for any reason, have fewer opportunities than most of the others.

7 What do you think about this initiative? Do you know anyone who is involved in similar work? Would you like to be in it? Respostas pessoais.

8 How is Trajan making a difference to these students’ lives?

He is probably helping them overcome their difficulties in some subjects and contributing to improve their self-esteem.

9 In activity 2, you read that “the volunteer gains something valuable from the experience as well”. How may these kids make a difference in Trajan’s life?

Professor/a, é importante que os/as estudantes percebam que o trabalho voluntário não faz diferença apenas na vida das pessoas que são ajudadas, mas também na vida daquelas que o realizam, em virtude da troca de experiências, de conhecimento e de visão de mundo.


Why is volunteer work important for society?

Exploring further

Find some websites that give useful information to people who are interested in doing charity work or being a volunteer. Share your findings with your classmates.

10 Work in groups of three or four students. Imagine you have decided to create a group to do some kind of charity or community work. Discuss what the scope of your actions could be. Would you and your classmates be prepared to do these activities? Do you have any other ideas?

help disadvantaged people

volunteer in a medical charity

tutor for free

promote community enhancement

take part in storytelling groups

help animals and the environment
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Volunteer work

1 Look at this job ad and answer the questions in your notebook.


Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors without Borders (MSF) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organization providing medical assistance to people in need, irrespective of race, religion, gender or political affiliation. We are seeking qualified and highly motivated applicants for our project in Dmj, Balochistan. Please apply to dmj-jobs@oca.msf.org



Medical Office

21st October, 2015

Nurse (Female)

21st October, 2015


a Who is hiring for the job?

The international organization Doctors without Borders.

b What kind of professional are they looking for?

Doctors and nurses who are qualified and highly motivated to work in a humanitarian project in Dmj, Balochistan, Pakistan.

c What should people interested in the position do to apply?

They should send an e-mail to dmj-jobs@oca.msf.org.

d What should the applicant be prepared to do in these jobs?

Provide medical assistance to people in need, irrespective of race, religion, gender or political affiliation.


Why do you think only women are wanted for the nurse position?

2 What kind of organizations do these logos represent? Which one(s) have you heard of? Discuss with a partner.

Respostas pessoais. Professor/a, espera-se que os/as estudantes percebam que os logotipos representam instituições que promovem trabalhos sociais. Vale lembrar que a menção aos nomes de ONGs se justifica de acordo com o Parecer CNE/CEB nº 15/2000, aprovado em 4 de julho de 2010, que diz que “o uso didático de imagens comerciais identificadas pode ser pertinente desde que faça parte de um contexto pedagógico mais amplo, conducente à apropriação crítica das múltiplas formas de linguagem presentes em nossa sociedade, submetido às determinações gerais da legislação nacional e às específicas da educação brasileira, com comparecimento módico e variado”. Mais informações podem ser obtidas no próprio Parecer, disponível em

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