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d mind maps (words, grammar, concepts, ideas for texts)


blizzard snowstorm cold twister drought heat

EXTREME WEATHER wind heat wave cyclone gale-force sandstorm

flood rain storm heavy rainfall hail storm

e vocabulary notebooks (by unit, by topic, in alphabetical order etc.)


Unit 3 Word Pronunciation Meaning

Model sentence steel /stiː l/ aço

All steel cans are recyclable.

My sentence: Steel is used to make cars.

3 Organize the vocabulary you have learned in this unit. Follow these steps.

Professor/a, sugere-se incentivar os/as estudantes a fazer uma análise crítica sobre o que aprenderam e selecionar o vocabulário que cada um/a julga necessário incluir no material que vão organizar (com base em suas dificuldades e facilidades com o idioma), tendo como objetivo final a elaboração de um material de referência para estudos futuros.

a Choose a set of words/expressions/phrases to work with. Decide how to organize them.

b Create either a mind map, a set of flashcards or a vocabulary notebook page to organize the words/expressions/phrases you have chosen. Think about how this resource can be used to help you study this vocabulary.

4 Share your work with your classmates. Tell them why you chose that way to organize your vocabulary and if you think it is going to be useful to you. Respostas pessoais.

Exploring further

In groups, go online and find websites where you can make your own sets of flashcards for free. Select the topics in a way that each group makes a set of flashcards about a different topic. Then share your cards with your classmates.

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Running a social campaign

Phase 3 Producing a campaign leaflet

Objective: In this phase, you are going to produce a campaign leaflet by drawing on the experience you had with leaflet designing in this unit (pages 128-131).

1 To recall the basics of a leaflet and start planning your campaign leaflet, get together with your group and discuss these questions.

a What are some characteristics of leaflets?

Professor/a, espera-se que os/as estudantes discutam as características do gênero panfleto, conforme estudado seção “Writing literacy” da unidade: capas (frente e verso do panfleto); título; nome dos organizadores; verbos no imperativo; textos divididos em seções, com subtítulos e uso de marcadores; elementos visuais, como imagens, cores e diferentes estilos e tamanhos de fonte etc.

b What is the objective of a leaflet?

Respostas possíveis: To attract people’s attention to a product/service/cause through simple and direct language and an attractive design.

c What information do you think should be included in your campaign leaflet?

Professor/a, por se tratar do panfleto de uma campanha que visa conscientizar pessoas sobre uma causa social, sugere-se que os textos tragam informações concisas sobre o conteúdo da campanha, seus objetivos e propostas de ação. Seria interessante, também, constar indicações de fontes para informações adicionais.

d Where do you think you will distribute the leaflet?

2 Consider the information you mentioned in activity 1c so that you can collectively decide on what will be used. Remember there is a limit to the amount of information in a leaflet, so that it doesn’t get cluttered.

3 Now start making the leaflet. These steps will lead you through the process.

Before making the leaflet, …

I choose who in your group will be responsible for typing and designing the leaflet.

II discuss how the information gathered and agreed on in activity 2 should be displayed in the leaflet.

III search for images to include in the leaflet.

While making the leaflet, …

IV start by working on the front cover. Keep it simple, informative and creative. This tip applies to the leaflet in general.

V begin with an overview of the campaign. Remember to state its goals and proposals. Also, go over some actions that can be taken for the cause you are campaigning for.

VI work on the layout by inserting some images, setting up columns etc.

After making the leaflet, …

VII proofread and check for spelling, grammar and formatting errors. Edit and make changes as necessary.

VIII share the leaflet with the other groups. Have everyone give feedback, and do some final adjustments, if needed.

IX keep the leaflet file; you will later print it and hand it out to people from your local community and school.

Professor/a, é possível ler o conteúdo do panfleto na página 129, caso necessário.


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