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. Accessed on January 21, 2016.
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2 With a partner, brainstorm some occupations you may find on this website.

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3 In your notebook, write the jobs from the box that correspond to the information in the chart.

biofuel researcher / environmental educator / environmental lawyer / geothermal engineer / green roof installer / solar panel installer / sustainable architect


Environmental understanding

Essential skills

green roof installer


“knowledge of plants, energy and water saving techniques; LEED principles; basic understanding of buildings, structural support, and load-bearing capacity; familiarity with health and safety regulations”

“roofing/construction, botany, landscaping, attention to detail, team participation, communication”

solar panel installer


“energy efficiency principles, electrical engineering, health and safety regulations, mounting schemes, wiring and inverters”

“problem solving, organization, communication, technical skills and attention to detail”

environmental lawyer


“broad understanding of environmental laws and issues, though specialization in a specific area is beneficial”

“problem solving, public speaking, critical thinking, organization, research, negotiation, report writing”

environmental educator


“alternative energy sources, conservation, climate change issues, sustainability, ecology”

“public speaking, leadership, creativity, innovation, communication, organization, adaptability”

geothermal engineer


“energy efficiency principles, thermodynamics, pollution reduction, climate change”

“problem solving, organization, critical thinking, innovation, report writing, technical knowledge, complex tools, computers, mathematics, English, communication, attention to detail, analysis”

biofuel researcher


“climate change, energy efficiency, pollution prevention, biological and chemical processes”

“research, communication, technical language, computer, report writing, attention to detail, mathematics”

sustainable architect


“LEED and energy efficiency principles, efficient and sustainable resource use”

“design principles, attention to detail, communication, computers, English, report writing, research”

Excerpts from the texts available at ; ; ;

. Accessed on January 14, 2016.




Which occupation(s) from the chart would fit your abilities and interests? Which one(s) do you think there would be a good market for in Brazil?

Do you know any other green-collar careers?

Professor/a, sugere-se estimular os/as estudantes a refletir sobre o que foi discutido na unidade e a pensar na situação do Brasil para tentar adivinhar quais profissões provavelmente têm mercado amplo no país. As informações serão apresentadas na atividade 4.
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4 Read this article about green jobs in Brazil. Then discuss the questions.

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