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History of the recycle symbol

In early 1970, worldwide attention to environmental issues culminated in the first Earth Day. In response, the Container Corporation of America, a large producer of recycled paperboard, sponsored a contest for design students at high schools and colleges across the USA to raise awareness of environmental issues. The 500 entries to the competition were judged by some leading designers in graphic and industrial design, (including Saul Bass and Herbert Bayer). The award was announced at the International Design Conference at Aspen.

The winning entry was by Gary Anderson, a 23-year-old college student at the University of Southern California, whose entry was the image now known as the universal recycling symbol. […] The symbol is composed of three mutually chasing arrows that form a Möbius strip (an unending single-sided looped surface). The arrows represent three different facets of recycling, forward motion, and a neverending cycle.”

Available at . Accessed on January 14, 2016.

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3 Are the following items recyclable or nonrecyclable? Write the answers in your notebook.

Professor/a, sugere-se explicar aos/às estudantes que eles/elas devem fazer a atividade usando seu conhecimento de mundo. As respostas serão conferidas na atividade 4.


aerosol cans


rigid plastic bottles



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