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Bearable Equitable






5 Despite the dangers involving the use of fossil fuels, hydro/nuclear power and minerals, these resources are very important for sustaining modern life. Get together in groups to discuss how they can be exploited in a more sustainable way. Remember to consider the following.

Respostas pessoais.

Their positive and negative aspects (studied in the “Before speaking” section).

The information from activity 3.

Suggestions for minimizing/compensating the negative aspects.

Suggestions of other possible and sustainable sources of energy.

Useful language

Asking questions

What are the hazards associated with…?

How can… harm the environment?

What could be done to minimize…?

Providing options

How about…?

should minimize the impact of… on…

One way to compensate for… is to…
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After speaking

6 Share your conclusions with other groups. Do they have different ideas to add?

Respostas pessoais.

7 Look at the cartoon and answer: what other sources of energy are depicted in it? What does it criticize? Then read the extract and check your ideas.

Respostas pessoais. Professor/a, espera-se que os/as estudantes percebam duas fontes de energia na imagem: carvão e eletricidade. O cartum mostra que o carro elétrico, ao dar a impressão de que não gera poluentes, leva o/a usuário/a a pensar que está ajudando o planeta. Porém, as usinas que produzem esse tipo de energia queimam carvão, degradando o meio ambiente não só durante o processo de mineração para a obtenção desse insumo, mas também gerando CO2 (um gás causador do efeito estufa) durante sua queima.


Cars are not green

They can never be. Ever. It’s impossible. Anything that requires so many resources in its manufacture, contains that much plastic, common and rare earth metals and then spends its life chewing fuel and components is an environmental nightmare, whatever spin you put on it. Even electric cars have their issues, particularly if their recharging is via electricity supplied by a coal fired power station. […] Cars aren’t going to disappear off our streets – we just need to stop fooling ourselves that driving can be green.”

Available at . Accessed on January 29, 2016. Suppressions for pedagogical purposes (omission of excerpts with inadequate language level or advertising) marked with [...].
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8 Now read this text about greenwashing. How does it relate to the content of this section and to the concept of sustainability? Discuss the topic with your classmates.

Professor/a, espera-se que os/as estudantes percebam que o cartum apresentado na atividade 7 pode ser um exemplo de greenwashing, pois algumas empresas, apesar de promover iniciativas aparentemente “verdes”, podem não estar contribuindo para a sustentabilidade. Pode-se estimulá-los/as a discutir até que ponto as informações sobre fontes de energia ditas “limpas” e produtos industrializados são manipuladas para dar a impressão de que é justo pagar mais caro por eles.

What is ‘Greenwashing’

[Greenwashing] is when a company, government or other group promotes green-based environmental initiatives or images but actually operates in a way that is damaging to the environment or in an opposite manner to the goal of the announced initiatives. This can also include misleading customers about the environmental benefits of a product through misleading advertising and unsubstantiated claims.

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